Pembroke Meet - 12/13 August


@Tutu @notgnarly

Would climbing as a three be that bad?
What’s on your ticklists? I’d like to try/do Test Case and Pleasure Dome, no issue with tides on those routes.

There is also a Peak Climbing Club trip to Pembroke at the same time, so I could try and get a lift back to Sheffield with someone on the Sunday.


@notgnarly @khalidqasrawi I don’t mind climbing in a three. I’m also quite small and won’t take more than a foot of the seat space plus only have one small backpack if that’s of any concern. Not entirely sure of my trad grade as I’m mainly a sport climber but I have led a few E1s and E2s at some point so should be able to second an E3 and would even attempt leading one. Pleasure Dome looks awesome. It’s good enough even for Steve McClure!


Apologies @tutu, @omar & @vittoria_camisassi - making a long story short (two builders cancelled on me - snowed under doing concreting myself), looks like I have to cancel this weekend. If it’s rain all weekend in London, I’ll make it however.


Hey Andrew,

No worries, sorry to hear that you can’t make it. I was texting as well,
Abseiling is a step too far for my climbing knowledge (even more than
one!), so I’m not going to join you guys. I wish the crew a super duper
weekend J


ah that’s unlucky, but good luck with concreting @andrew. Unless it really does rain in London all weekend! I wonder what are the chances. @khalidqasrawi @notgnarly are you still planning to go? I’m also open to other destinations if Pembroke is too far, i.e. Portland or Swanage…


A lift in your car would be fantastic! Johannes


Max - just to confirm I’m still in need of a lift, and if there is space in your car that would be much appreciated.




I make the cars as agreed so far (Drivers in bold). Can drivers please get in contact with passengers and make arrangements for lifts? I’ll do a separate mail round the drivers and see if it makes sense to rejig who is in what car, but wont be looking to change a plan if we don’t have to…

We need to find Omar a lift (who was in Andrew’s car). Guy, could this work with you - assuming you are climbing at S Pembroke, Sat and Sunday?

Matt’s friend

Paul H

KHALID - leaving Thursday / back Tues?
Ian Lau - maybe returning with Peak climbing club.

Driving from elsewhere / staying elsewhere
Guy and Edie
Duc (From Reading Saturday)
Eulee + 1 (from Cardiff)



Amazingly, the weather is looking OK., even a little bit sunny :slight_smile:

Few pointers for the weekend. And apologies if you all know this already!

The campsite in bosherton is here:

We usually tend to congregate in the back left corner, near the (basic) facilities.

There is a cafe and a pub in Bosherton but no shop. Please make arrangements with your drivers on whether you are stopping to shop on the way.

I’ve also asked the car drivers to check on gear. We need as many half ropes as people and a smattering of abseil ropes.

Pub is booked for 7.30pm for 15, which should cover us. We will be asked to order in two groups.

Shout if any further questions.



We are now leaving tomorrow afternoon. We’ll try and get “our” corner.


@Max_A, I think I’m now going to Swanage with a friend, so you no longer have to worry about me having a space in a car :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend!


Omar - are you sure? I’ve been scratching around trying to get you a lift, and as a fallback could have squeezed you in my car - sorry if you thought we couldn’t find you a place.


Rudi, Stel and Leithen the dog are also staying at Bosherston at the moment, they’re not climbing but if you know them do say hello. Hope its a great weekend for everyone.


Tides times

12-Aug Sat
02:42 L 1.0m
08:48 H 7.6m
15:00 L 1.2m
21:06 H 7.7m

13-Aug Sun
03:24 L 1.3m
09:30 H 7.4m
15:42 L 1.4m
21:54 H 7.3m

14-Aug Mon
04:12 L 1.6m
10:18 H 7.0m
16:36 L 1.7m
22:48 H 6.9m

15-Aug Tue
05:06 L 1.9m
11:18 H 6.7m
17:36 L 2.1m
23:54 H 6.6m

16-Aug Wed
06:12 L 2.2m
12:30 H 6.4m
18:54 L 2.2m


@Max_A, I am indeed; I had the pleasure of going to Pembroke with the club earlier this year, so don’t mind a jaunt to Swanage instead. Although it would be good to make use of the range west briefing/access I have before the end of the climbing season :slight_smile:


Finally we arrived. We are at the very far end. Look forward a white mini
with a roof rack.


Amazing time everyone.
Heres our playlist from the trip:

Enjoy! :smiley::shrimp:x


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } How cool; shit-hot playlists emerging from trips, in addition to the climbing action! Will download and add to Spotify…