Pembroke Meet - 12/13 August


Definitely driving from Friday after work - 3 spaces free


ooh can i please jump in the queue to join you @andrew?


@andrew Can I join as well please? :slight_smile:


@andrew, please may I take the third space? :slight_smile:


@Tutu, @vittoria_camisassi, & @Omar - all good. Will double check the weather on Thur/Friday morn, and if it’s pants choose an alternative (but equally good) climbing destination. Will probably drive my car to Waterloo on Friday morning, so if we can meet there that’d be great.


ah great! I’m open to any destination where it’s not raining :grin: will take a change of clothes next time though!


Thank you Andrew :slight_smile:


hi - i’ll have a car too. And let’s wait and see which of those in Canada right now might be coming.

No probs if people want to grab lifts and post their arrangements here, less for me to do :slight_smile:

But don’t worry, we will sort it out nearer the time - i’m incapable of thinking two weeks ahead right now.



keeping this simple - I make it Johanas, Paul and Catrin need a lift still? I’ll have space in my car, not decided plans but will leave from either E1 or Greenwich on Friday night.

Will definitely be lifts, and depending on plans it may make sense to optimise who goes in which car.


Oh yeah, pub booking made for Saturday.


Thanks Max. Not sure how many you’ve booked for in the pub but planning to
come from Cardiff with another person, arriving Sat morning ( unless
weather is dire…) Think Duc is coming from Reading, he can offer lifts
from Uxbridge if needed.


Yes… I’ll be coming from Reading, but going on Saturday morning rather than Friday night. If there are people still needing lifts, I can pick up from somewhere off the M4 (e.g. Heathrow/Hatton Cross or Hayes and Harlington).


Great thank you Max - that would be great if there is a space going - also happy to sort out next week if need to switch around cars


I’m coming. Question for those who think 11 hours driving is worth some extra climbing. Does anyone want to go early and/or come back later. i.e. Leave Wed 9th or Thur 10th evening, and or return Tue 15th or Wed 16th evening?

I will be driving. :smile:


I could leave on Thu 11th and/or return on tue to get some extra climbing in but I’m not driving :pensive:



I won’t know whether or not I can attend until Monday, as I think that I may have a work commitment on Friday eve.



Hi Khalid,

I’d be up for that. I’m stopping off in London for 8th and 9th to catch up with UCL peeps so I could then leave on Thurs 10th. I’ll have my Canada stuff with me so would probably be looking to keep one bag of stuff at yours though we could just drive it down to Pembroke and back again.



@Tutu, @notgnarly
I hope you both realise I’m not the most climbing fit at the moment. That said, always up for adventure and I’m off to the Castle now for a emergency fitness session!
As three is a crowd on sea cliffs, how about splitting the extra days between you. I could take @Tutu on Thursday. She can return on Sunday in one of the weekend cars. Ian, you could come on Friday night and return on Tuesday night.
Let me know.


That could be an option unless another person comes forward so we’re even number?
Do people still come to the castle on Mondays? I was planning to be there, although probably early afternoon rather than eve.


People do indeed attend on a Monday and also I am on my way there now. btw, 4 will be too tight in our car.