Pembroke Meet - 12/13 August

Hi all,

Usual reminder we have a club meet in Pembroke in a few weeks time. This is usually a popular meet so hoping we’ll get reasonable numbers.

Some meet details.

  • Stay in the Bosherton campsite (cheap and basic)
  • We usually eat in the St Govan’s inn on Saturday night.
  • The climbing is trad on limestone sea-cliffs. Access is normally via abseil from above the climbs and there isn’t always a scramble out; so some experience handy.
  • There is plenty to go at around HS/VS, including non-tidal/ non abseil options, though the range of crags gets broader at HVS.

Register your interest on here (+ drivers please) and I’ll sort out lifts nearer the time.


I would like to come and would be looking for a ride if possible.

I’ll be in Pembrokeshire with my girlfriend for the weekend so will meet up with you guys to hopefully get some climbing in. Looking forward to it!

Love to join and looking for a lift :blush:

Anyone up for the weekend before?

I’m also keen! But would also be looking for a lift …

I’m very interested but would also need a lift… and I’m free the weekend before as well! I wish I had a car :pensive:

We are going to need one of these

C’mon drivers!

Will probably come (and drive) - assuming weather is ok. No guarantees on making it up a set of stairs however

Also keen and carless! :slight_smile:

Similarly keen to join, and looking for a lift :slight_smile:

I’m keen to join with a friend. I will have 2 free spaces in the car or only 1 free if @bullopolis is still wanting to jump in :grinning:

If a ride is possible with you @matthewtaylor I would be grateful.

Definitely room for you too @dadler :+1:

Awesome thank you very much @matthewtaylor

@matthewtaylor @dadler I am defo in. Also going to the castle later if you fancy it. M

Hi all! I would love to join :slight_smile: but I’m looking for a lift as well…

Also keen, and in need of a lift!

So Omar, tutu, johanas, vittoria, Paul h and Catrin all wanting a lift and only Andrew with a car. Any more cars out there!?

I’m driving but Edie and I are staying a fair way away from you guys so not much use. If things get desperate we might be able to sort some kind of shuttling system if we drop someone at Pembroke? We’d only have room for one person