Pembroke Easter Meet (Range West briefing) - 19-Apr to 22-Apr

What better to do this Easter than climbing pristine Pembroke limestone?

For the uninitiated, the Pembrokeshire coast offers an abundance of world class climbing. Thousands of routes, miles of terrific coastline, single pitch / multipitch and long enough to get into the climbing before the belay arrives. If good protection is your thing, there are gear placements on demand. The cliffs are steep and generously littered with holds.

For the initiated, the Easter weekend features a Range West briefing. Attending the briefing, Castlemartin 19-April 10:00, will offer another whole guidebook of climbing. To access the Range West coastline, you need to attend a briefing where you will be informed on dos and don’ts of wandering around and avoiding unexploding ordnance. There is also a briefing the previous evening at 18:00, Thursday 18-April if you arrive early enough.

The climbing is commiting and adventurous. To get the most out of leading in Pembroke, you’d be wanting to lead at HVS although there are areas with milder grades. Most of the climbing is reached via abseil. You should be comfortable ascending a rope in case of difficulty. Don’t be put off if you’re not sure, but do check with someone who is.

Accomodation: Camping. Bosherston Campsite. Drive to Bosherston. The field is on the right just before the town.

Make your interest known by replying to this thread and add your details on the sheet.

Definitely in, assuming we get favourable weather.

May go early on the 18th and aim to attend the 18.00 briefing, so I can get more climbing in.

Likewise will be there (depending on the weather of course)


I’m in as well. Could take a day or half day and attend the briefing Thursday evening if needed.

Matt, let me know and I reckon I’ll be happy to drive early.

Aye aye cap’n

From the BMC handbook which landed today…68 seal pups counted in the autumn!

Brill brill brill…count me in…can we play with the seal pups!?

“Martin Bull, originally of Derbyshire, was arrested on suspicion of interfering with seal pups. Police have yet to release further details but eye witnesses say that children were seen fleeing the scene in tears”


Hi all…My self and Yvonne are looking forward already…(weather permitting)

In what way w he interfering?

Sounds good, I’m in.

Paul - I’d be up for heading over there in time for the evening briefing on the 18th. I live in Bristol, so I coud either jump in with you at Bristol parkway (just off the motorway) or make my own way there / offer lifts to anyone who wants to get the train out of London.



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Awesome, be good to see you George. If @MattGee doesn’t take my one seat it’s yours - alas the drawback of the Kangoo is the limited lift potential!

Awesome, be good to see you George. If @MattGee doesn’t take my one seat it’s yours - alas the drawback of the Kangoo is the limited lift potential!

I’ve remembered I don’t actually have the car (or potentially ropes) for this so would be very grateful for lift post work on Thursday!

Who wears the pants?

@Catrin wears the pants!

sick burn

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I have heard too much about Pembroke that I feel like I am missing something important in my life… I am in.

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@adam_b have you got seats spare mate?

might end up taking me van anyway but good to have options…