Pembroke 18th/19th August 2018

Hello all,

Whilst we are all getting excited about the trip to Devon next weekend, thought I would remind everyone that the trip to Pembroke is also coming up. More excellent see cliff climbing! Yay!

The usual drill, driving up Friday night, staying at the campsite in Bosherston (cheap, lack of toilets, remember to bring bog roll, wouldn’t bother attempting to use the porta-shower). Lots of climbing, then dinner at St Govan’s Inn. Post below if you are interested so we can sort lifts and I’ll book us a table on the Saturday.

Climbing in Pembroke is amazing, but also a relatively adventurous destination, so some experience with abseiling is recommended but there is a range of grades and crags to go at.


Hi all,

I will be keen to go! :slight_smile:

100%. Extension plans with @guyarnold and @khalidqasrawi - if anyone else wants to do more than the Saturday and Sunday then hit us up.

Current plan (I think) is for me to drive Khalid back to London, but I may have a seat on the way there.

Wil try and get to this one, may be there early if work allows for once.
I for one prefer the campfield showers to the food in the pub, small portions, so-so food, overpriced and a grumpy landlord that just wants to force as many covers through each night.

I hadn’t realised this was that weekend, but coincidentally I think we will be there Thursday Eve (or Fri morning) to Sunday evening. Have some friends there and the little one too to add to the faff quota. Be nice to see people.

I’d like to join, flexible in august so could extend the trip on either side of the weekend if there’s a space in a car and even numbers.

Already bored. Let’s think about the next trip! (This coming weekend, it’s apparently raining everywhere…)

@guyarnold and @khalidqasrawi and @Tutu, are we all still planning to extend? I can stay until Tuesday, but it now looks like I won’t come back to London, but will go either to the Hut or to my parent’s place near Liverpool, en route to Skye.

Guy, if you’re still planning to stay until Tuesday, that will work, as presumably you can take Khalid and Tutu back with you?

Would mean I have a spot going from London on the Friday…but without a return leg…


Hi Paul,

I can take khalid and tutu back yes, but my understanding is that @khalidqasrawi is staying until Thursday?


He thought he was cos he thought I was taking him back to London. But as I’m now going to Skye, I’m not going to London, as I’m meeting friends in Southport on the way, so I’m just going to link the trips, via the hut.

(We discussed yesterday so he knows the deal.)

yeah I’m still keen to extend. is the plan to leave on Fri eve and come back on Tue afternoon?

Yep exactly

cool, I’m in

Hey guys, could I join this (and join the club after)? Looking online, it seems Pembroke is mostly trad climbing, which I don’t have any experience with, though I’ve done a fair bit of sport climbing (including towers with abseil exits).

Hi Ladislav,

It would be great to have you join the club but it would be best to have some experience with trad before coming along to Pembroke due to the seriousness of many of the crags. We have our new members meet coming up soon (September 8th / 9th), which is a great way to try trad climbing and there will be loads of folk there to introduce it. Or come along to our climbing evenings during the week (the castle on Monday evening, Mile End on Wednesday) to speak to people in the club and we can chat about the Pembroke meet to work out if it’s a good one to go on. I’ll be there on Wednesday this week!


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Hi, keen to join this trip! Have full rack, 2 x 50m halves and trad experience. Not a member yet but keen to join, have climbed with @bullopolis so he can vouch and will hopefully be at the Castle tomorrow for the Monday meet :slight_smile:

Hi y’all. Can indeed vouch for barney. He even likes winter climbing!! :flushed:

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@Catrin: Fair enough, I suspected it might be a bit too much from some of the reports I read :smiley: I’ll pop to the Castle again for sure.

Hi all,

@RebeccaL and I will be joining as well. Leaving from Peckham on Friday after work and back on Sunday late afternoon. 2 seats left.


Hi Lukas,

Highly interested by one of the spare seat in your car if still free :slight_smile: