Pembroke 18th/19th August 2018


Hi Pauline,
One seat reserved for you and the other one for @BarneyLoosemore. Aiming to leave at 6pm.



Awesome, looks like there will be a good group of us. Any other takers? @Peter @dabarlow @Max_A @L_Pio @jrtomlins … ?


I am a possible, but am watching the weather forecasts as well as other matters.


True, if the weather looks bad we’ll probably bail out.


Sad to miss this one, I’m going to be on a family holiday in Devon. On the Hartland coast so not far from Sharpnose mind.


Apologies, I’m in the Pyrenees. Think @L_Pio is planning to come though.


There shall be no rain.

There shall be no cancellations.


I agree with Paul. Less talk of bailing and more optimism!!


@guyarnold are you still up for staying until Tuesday? My excitement is building: Pembroke is the best!

Tides for Stackpole Head attached.


The Tuesday Crew does not bail.


Yes of course! Am v excited


Weather doesn’t look too bad and I’m suddenly free of plumbers and builders (N.B. this is not actually a good thing). I’m too depressed about that to pack properly so I want to take our car. Northern route round the M25 from Bishop’s Stortford - I could go via Cambridge but probably best to meet at either Waltham Cross or Langley stations if you are coming from North London.

Are there any takers for two spaces? Is there anyone left to climb with? Lots of rack, somewhat used 60m mountain ropes. Looking preferably for someone with local Pembroke knowledge because I haven’t been before.


Trefalen Farm
Is this the right campsite?


Can’t make this one either, have a great trip :sob:


I thought it was NEXT weekend! Buuuuuuuuu!!!


Camping place is this one:

I will book the pub for tomorrow night for 19:30. @ajmorris228 - are you joining for dinner? How many are in your party? Let me know otherwise I will book for 10.


There’s even a well fancy website for the camping apparently:


Bring cash for the camping. £3 pppn. No cards!