Peak Meet - May21st

Bit of forward planning as accommodation in the Peak can be tricky to sort.

Anyone have a problem with Hardhurst farm campsite? In the Hope valley, middling pub next door and decent cafe on site.

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I would normally say that the camp site in the field next to the Three Stags’ Heads at the head of the Stoney valley is the way to go (since it’s the best pub in the world). However, because I would actually like to climb something meaningful on this trip, Hope is fine by me!

Well positioned for Barlow esoterica!

Best Peak pub /campsite combo is a long topic. Bulls head Moynash and Lathkill dale campsite is a winner if you don’t mind being out in the White Peak.

I know you haven’t asked anyone yet @Max_Adamson but Naomi and I are coming on this trip. We’ll stay with my mum in Sheffield on the Friday night so only need a camping spot on the Saturday.

I assume you can guarantee the weather will be as good as it has been this weekend? Bring on the limestone I say (it’s too hot for grit shenanigans).

Hi all,

The campsite is booked in the group filed at Hardhurst farm.

No food booked, tried the local pub but they wont take bookings for some reason on summer weekends. They say there are usually tables available. If not, Hope and Castleton are close by.

Unfortunately for me I can’t now make this weekend, so if anyone else would like to step in to coordinate lifts and save me from feeling resentful of you all climbing, please feel free!

It’s only five days until the weekend. Who fancies coming to the Peak this weekend? @naomi_bessey and I are definitely going. @hkirk777, @stephen I seem to remember you are interested. Anyone else fancy it?

I will be around on the Sunday and possibly the Saturday night…

I am planning on coming. I am driving and have some spaces in my car going from north London.

My girlfriend Annette and me want to come as well - from North London, happy to go with Simon :slight_smile:

I’ll be along

Jan, Annette you are welcome to a lift leaving either finsbury park or highbury after work on Friday. My only worry at the moment is the weather which is not looking great but a few days for it to improve.

Weather permitting, are you OK to take @stephen as well as @naomi_sorrel and going via my mum’s house?

The weather does unfortunately look pretty ‘mixed’ at the moment.

Hello Simon,
thx for offering a ride and yes let’s wait for the weather to improve. Fingers crossed.

How many seats do you have in the car?


I talked to naomi and she doesn’t need a lift so it is me, stephen, Jan and Annette in my car. Jan can you send me your phone number and we can work out logistics.

It is looking a little damp but sure we can find some activities to keep us busy and hopefully get on some rock.

While the weather forecast is what might technically be described as ‘crap’, it could be worse. Nowhere else in the country seems to be much better either.

What are people’s psyche levels? Naomi and I are going to go for at least Saturday even if it means the best we get is a walk in the rain.

He Simon,
my number is +44 (0) 7824504238


I am feeling uninspired I’m afraid. I’m away the following two weekends in
Scotland and then moving house the day after I get back, so unless the
forecast suddenly becomes amazing I should really spend this weekend
packing. Sorry.

The weather looks to be improving at the moment but still rather wet. Jan I sent you a text with details of travel for tomorrow. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Simon

Hello Simon,
Somehow, I did not get your text. But Annette and me decided to stay in London as the forecast looks too rainy. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier on this and I hope that we will manage to get a sunny climbing day out soon :slight_smile:

I might be up for a Peak day trip on Sunday. The weather forecast looks better on Sunday. I can take my car, with space for up to 3 others. Anyone else?