Peak District Meet - 20/21st April

Hey folks,

The time to pay skin tribute to the gods of grit has rolled around once again!

Meet type: trad single-pitch (grit) or possibly sport single-pitch (limestone) or even trad (limestone), also loads of bouldering

When: 20-21st April

Location: Peak District, probably near Hathersage. The Thorpe Farm bunkhouses are full. I’m exploring other options and will report back soon.

Experience level: anything from none at all to loads, grit is easy to top-rope (with due respect to the rock and other climbers) or lead lots of easy routes on, or you can try that gearless E6 onsight and get really scared

Skills needed: lead belaying

Equipment required: basic (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes) ideally some advanced (prussik loops, slings, carabiners), bouldering mats and crack climbing gloves might be useful

Signup: NLMC Peak Trad Meet - 20/21st April 2024

Hi Ben it’s currently view only!

Whoops! Hopefully it’s editable now.

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It goes! :blush:

classic blunder


Someone on ukc also recommended Parson House Farm - Outdoor centre for accommodation if that is of use

The Thorpe Farm bunkhouses page says they have space,… ?

There’s also the scout hut in Hathersage

I really want to come but I am waiting on confirmation that my son would rather spend time with his mother. :joy:

I’m going to put my name on the sheet and I’ll pay for a sleeping spot on the Friday and Saturday but won’t know about giving people a lift until closer.


I’m a total newbie to outdoor climbing and just learned about this club yesterday, but would love to join this meet. I only have experience top-rope belaying, but want to learn lead. Do let me know if this isn’t the right place for this :laughing: or what I can do to quickly get up to speed and join in on the fun!


Hi Haley, to join the club you will need to demonstrate competence in lead belaying, so you’ll need to get someone to teach you or, better, do a ‘learn to lead’ course at a climbing wall. If you are a BMC member, and therefore have 3rd party insurance, it would be possible for you to come on a meet with us so you can do some seconding or top-roping and get a feel for things; the gritstone is ideal for this. It would be really good if you could meet some of us at the wall beforehand though. The Castle on Monday or Mile End on Wednesday socials have separate threads.

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Any joy on accommodation?

There was still space at North Lees when I booked space yesterday

Thorpe farm has been booked out for ages (their site just wasn’t up to date).

Homestead and Cheesehouse also booked out a while ago.

I’ve exchanged a couple of confusing messages with the scout hut but we seem to be crossing wires somehow and I’m still not sure whether it’s free. Can’t find a phone number, still hoping to get more info back. There are only 12 bunks so 8 of us would be sleeping on mats on the floor in the main hall. It’s £20 per person per night.

Hagg Farm’s main outdoor centre is still free. It’s £28.5 per person per night with a minimum booking of 20 people (usually 25 but they’ve decreased it because it’s soon). We’re almost at 20 needing accommodation, I think so maybe doable? I might be able to get the minimum booking down further. Still feels pricier than the places we’re used to?

I’ve popped in an enquiry with North Lees campsite as well. Is that what you’re referring to @Karl ? A pitch with a car is £15pppn and £10pppn for an extra person.

How do people feel about the campsite at ~£12 per person per night vs the outdoor centre at £28.5?

Thanks Ben. I don’t want to camp. If camping ends up being the consensus I will book myself into the CC hut.

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Note that for a few lucky people The North Lees can provide pods, much nicer than camping.

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Camping at North Lees would be OK with me

Correct, @BenWhetton I’ve gone ahead and secured a pitch at North Lees campsite. Others welcome to join. Stanage is only a short walk (or drive) up the hill.

I’m fine with camping at North Lees.

Camping’s fine with me too.