Peak District Bouldering meet

Hi guys, noticed that one of the first meets of the year is comin up. 2nd and 3rd Feb. Bouldering in the peak. I am up for it. Anyone else had any thoughts? M

Yes I am up for it and I think @PaulSagar and @Catrin (with a bit of persuasion) are up for it as well. @Peter also mentioned he might be interested.

It is a bit weather dependant but I guess we have to decide between bunkhouse and camping (which may be a little chilly). Any ideas for bunkhouses in the area Martin? There’s one at Thorpe Farm near Hathersage which is £15/night.

I was think a few hours of bouldering each day and then potentially a bit of walking/pubbing when our arms get knackered?

Will be great if there’s a good group. If sufficient interest I will make a googlesheet.


I’m down but need to leave Saturday morning. Will sleep in the Mighty Kangoo.

Also check out the bunkhouse near the Roaches for all you non-Kangoo suckers?

I’d suggest leaving sat am is sensible given the unpredictability of the weather and the expense of roofed accommodation.

In terms of where we go I’m easy but potentially not stanage plantation as it is the only place I have ever bouldered.

Yeah would be cool to check out somewhere different. Roaches is good but would like to go somewhere I haven’t been before. Will peruse the guidebook and see what’s on offer.

Spoilt for choice, obviously, but curbar has a good circuit, and further south and with slightly better weather sometimes the Cratcliffe/Robin Hood’s Stride combo is a good varied venue(s)

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I’ll be about for that. Driving from York, might be able to do 2 days but unlikely.

Can offer lifts from the north, keen for Hardin’s or Burbage north but mainly for my own projects.

If circuits are what you’re after, baslow has a good one that can be combined with curbar for a decent day out.

Stanage plantation is a great venue and lots of boulders that aren’t in the main area that are better in my opinion than others

Andy what is the state of the Cratcliffe bouldering around Robin Hood’s Stride? Wasn’t there a mass chipping exercise a few years back or was that just on some specific hard problems there?

Cratcliffe and Robin Hood’s Stride looks a really good bet.

I thought it was only a few, but I’m not really familiar enough to be able to want to put huge amounts of confidence behind that.

I am up for this; I intend taking my trad gear too if the weather forecast is good enough. Camping is fine for me - warm sleeping bag and down-filled thermarest😊; but bunkhouse also good.

Google sheet is here:

Roll up!

If it’s roaches way I probably won’t be able to make it, quite far for a single day unfortunately from York.

I’ve got guidebooks etc and plenty of mats that I can chuck in the car

I think in the interests of inclusiveness we can hit the east peak - sounds like there’s loads to do there anyway.


Awesome! Sounds brill. I can vouche for burbage, stanage, curber and robin hoods/cratcliffe although robin has some spicy landings! I’ll need a lift but happy with accom. Bunkhouse sounds cosiest :smiley:

Ok shall I investigate booking the bunkhouse for Sat evening? Then we can all drive up Sat am and not lose too much dollar if the weather is god awful and we have to cancel.

Think it would be me, Martin, Peter and Catrin in the bunkhouse, with Paul in his van being antisocial.


Also I’ve added a column in the google sheet for spaces in car - can you fill in (I have made assumptions).

Anyone else keen? Will el presidente grace us with his presence @jrtomlins? @L_Pio?


El presidente has a debating comp on the saturday but the first lady would like to join :slight_smile: