Peak bouldering meet 22-23 Feb

Hi all,

As the first meet of the year gets underway, a call for interest on the second one - bouldering in the peak district.

This was a great trip last year with a great social side too (bouldering can’t last all day so pub trips feature heavily…). If you’re a new member it’s a good opportunity to meet and get to know people from the club.

Write below if you’re interested and I will start to scope accommodation, likely a bunkhouse which I will need to book in advance. We will probably stay around Hathersage but depends where has space.


Oooh I am very interested! I’ll bring some work… that will probably sit in a corner and not get done :see_no_evil:


Potentially yes. Might be up a day or two early with Holly as well.

Potentially yes - I was thinking of wales that weekend for something else but weather will dictate closer to time.

Interested but will sleep in my 5* Mobile Luxury Kangoomobile

I’m interested

In sleeping in Paul’s Kangoo? It’s a bit manky inside.


Keen for this!

Yep, I’m keen!

Yep I’ll be up there from the Friday but for rope action


Will be around from Friday for boulders and/or ropes.

yeees. i am keen

DAAAAAAAMN! I have soemthing on the 22nd morning…Might be up for a day trip or leaving saturday afternoon if anyone wants to drive me there xD

Yes please, sounds great! Can probably do the Friday as well as the weekend…

Stong yes from me. Same as before, Keen for somewhere with things in the mid to high 7s.

count me in! I can try to come to the Castle for one session so to organise and get to know each others.

I climb around V5, no crash pad available and car either.


Great so many people are keen - keep it coming!

Here’s a sign up sheet. Grateful if you can fill out so I can sort accommodation. If there are enough of us I will try and get sole use of a bunkhouse for fri/sat nights. Can be quite cheap if there are enough people.


Brilliant! I am keen for this potentially for the weekend but more likely one day. I’ll be coming from York too Binit!


I might only come for one day

Perfect! If you’ve got a pad, I’ve space for one more