Peak Bouldering Meet 2022

Time to dust off those pads, tape up thine tendons, and don your best beanies. We’re off to the Peak District for a jolly on some big pebbles!

What: Bouldering (if it wasn’t yet clear)
When: 25th-27th February
Where: Thorpe Farm bunkhouse a short drive from some of the best rock in the world.
Signup: NLMC Peak Bouldering - Google Sheets (pleeease let this be editable…)

Everyone and anyone is welcome no matter your level of experience. I’ve booked for 14 and that’ll bring the accommodation cost to around £30 per person for the weekend.

If you’re a driver or pad owner with a generous disposition you’ll be lauded a saviour forever more (nb. this title holds no perks or preferential treatment beyond my undying gratitude).

Happy Climbing, and may the wads be ever in your favour!



Hi George,

Would like to join you for the bouldering, have my own mats, but I won’t need any accommodation.

Will monitor this thread for the bouldering location.

Cheers Ian


I can’t go to this, but I do have 2 boulder mats that I’m willing to lend. I can bring them to the castle, or someone can come get the from my house. let me know if you wan’t/need them.

Unfortunately (?) in Spain that weekend, but hope it’s a great trip! Have a pad which is borrowable if needed.

not a member yet but I have submitted my application quite recently, could I still apply for this trip? Yet I’d like a firm confirmation, reason being I suppose to be in Dartmoor on exact those dates. P.s. never been to Peak District before​:drooling_face: as well as bounding outside. P.s.s I can drive :rofl: sounds funny when I type it

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Roman you are for sure welcome to join! I’m sure George can fit you in accommodation-wise

George: I’ll sleep in my van so don’t worry about including me in the bunkhouse.

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Signed up! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve also signed up! Looking forward to it

Should be around for that, travelling down from York on the best weather day. I have 3, maybe 4 pads that I can bring.

Should be able to drive down for the day, ideally the best weather day and I’ll be driving down from York. No need for any accommodation

Just realised Liverpool will be vanquishing the Chelski scum on the evening of the 27th so I’ll probably only climb on the 26th (will stick around for socials in the evening then probs drive home on Sunday morning). So best not to rely on my for lifts

…in the final of the Very Important Definitely Cared About It At The Start of the Season League Cup

Football comes before climbing?


Shun the dishonourable, SHUN

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Very keen for this. Fingers crossed for the weather now!

Can we go to Cratcliffe so I can finally get Razor Roof ticked?

to get the juices flowing!