Peak bouldering 31st/1st (this weekend)

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any interest in going up to the peak district this weekend of some bouldering? Conditions currently looking excellent (cold and sunny with no wind).

Would probably leave on Sat am - could be a day trip or a weekend.

I can take two people. I’ve got one mat so more would be welcome!


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Hello. No mat (unless we go via my mates place in Huntingdon), but would be keen.

Was actually considering driving up solo anyway!

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Excellent. @MattGee is also provisionally keen so we just need to source some mats…

The clubs collective generosity may need to be called upon!

Have mat, very keen.
Day trip would be my slight preference, but guess it depends a bit on the weather…

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@Sarah_Rae do you have a car? @Tom_Blake have you got rid of your van?

Van is available and currently empty as I’m doing some work!

Can lay out mats for sleeping :slight_smile:

I’d be keen for Saturday day-trip (or a Friday eve drive up & camp).

Have a van-shaped car with 5 seats, but no mats!

Starting to feel like NLMC should get some pads eh? :wink:

I don’t, unfortunately…

I’m always keen for bouldering!! And if it’s dry will be around and on a project I’m sure. I’ve got 3 pads, but could get more if needed

Based right by the Castle for anyone wanting a Fri/Sat or Sat only lift…!

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Ok great sounds like we have a good crew and @Binit-Shah has some pads…!

We will probably want to try and source some more however given the size of the group and different departures times…?

Will suggest lifts etc closer to the time. We can also engage in a long debate about where to go.

As per usual, I’ll be travelling down from York, possibly with others if it’s dry that way. I am going to go wherever the weather looks good!

I’ll kick off the debate by saying I won’t be at plantation as it’s rammed every weekend and can’t be bothered with that. Got some things I want to get on at Burbage North,

A highball at frogatt if the number of pads are high (would be good to have more than 8 big ones) and temps low.

Also could be tempted by curbar depending on what the conditions are looking like.

We’ve done a fair bit at Curbar recently. Maybe Robin Hood’s/Cratcliffe? Also further south for the day trippers? I’m not sure whether I want to do a full weekend or a day at this point.

Froggatt or robin hoods/cratcliffe would be good yes

Surely if you are standing on 8 pads you’ll be able reach the top.

This is how I intend to send Ulysses’ Bow, cunningly disguising it with the logbook entry “done above pads…”

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Normally I’d post a derogatory comment here about pebble wrestling, but as it looks like I’ll be touching the southern sand’stone’ at the weekend, I’ll hold back.

8 barely protects what I want to try, especially at upwards of 10m high

Wow you deviant.
To quote from the 1989 Sandstone Guide:
Bowles is for poseurs, Harrison’s is for traditionalists, High Rocks is for reticent bumpy boys, Eridge Green is for botanists and Bulls Hollow is for perverts - take your pick