Outdoor meets and coronavirus

Hi all,

The committee has decided to cancel all climbing meets until further notice, not just the meets happening at the hut.

This means the Easter Pembrokeshire meet is off.

If the government updates its advice we will reconsider and let you know any updates.



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All on essential travel now effectively off so no climbing trips at all. Even going to the wall is very iffy. Have to get on the pull-up bar again.

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A perfect period for working on your “techniqueless thuggery”. I’m glad I’ve got a variety of stuff to train on at home.

Stay safe our there folks

What’s the line on the Cottage and Barn? Both for club use and renting out?

The committee are currently discussing this, and will send messages out to the membership (via chat, email - and post for those who don’t have email) once we’ve decided.

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Hi Chiz,

Official committee decision incoming, but I think it’s fair to say that nobody should be using either of them at the present time anyway, as a matter of our each taking personal responsibility in the months that follow. Let’s all step up.

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Also, Range West briefings cancelled for 2020

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As a representative of the Irish contingent on what is normally a slightly more cheerful green-tinted day, I feel a compunction to end the 17th on a slightly more cheerful note. Shall we put this in the “trip plans for post virus sunny uplands bucket”?


What are people’s thoughts on a delayed late-Summer Alps meet? I’m thinking a rock-based/ alpine-rock-based Chamonix trip would work well in September; curious to see if it appeals to other NLMC members?

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Rather depends on whether or not we have to quarantine for two weeks on return. I doubt it but who knows.

I’m hoping, fingers crossed, to be in Font so unlikely to make it, but looking a bit more widely it’s probably not a terrible time for places like Verdon, or some of the slightly pre-alpine rock stuff (Ticino springs to mind but obviously a multitude of others) which might get more reliable weather.

Extrapolating the current trend over recent weeks, another 3 months would seem to suggest the travel quarantine should have passed. We’re going to work toward a September Cham trip, but closely track how it’s shaping up

Keen in principle - although I expect I’ll be at the back of the long queue of Civil Servants all trying to use their leave as the economic recovery work & Brexit all come together spectacularly and cause a meltdown…!

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Very keen

I have used up the vast majority of my annual leave for an internship, and September is dissertation hand in period. However, as long as we can fly without quarantining, I’d be keen to think about joining for a long weekend, if poss

Also very keen (situation depending obviously!)

Don’t even joke about that!

Definitely interested, although I think my priority for the autumn is going to be getting as much time on rock as possible.

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I think I feel much the same as Sarah and would prefer UK rock climbing to a Euro trip this year.

Let’s hope Wales opens up!

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