October working meet

Hi Everyone,

The autumn working meet is approaching. Here’s what you need to know. If you can come, brilliant! Please add your names to the spreadsheet that I am going to post below when I have worked out how to do it.


WHEN: Saturday 12th and Sunday13th October. Most people turn up late Friday night.
WHERE: Cottage and Barn
WHO: Everyone! There is something for everyone to do and contribute

We have some exciting maintenance jobs such as deep clean of both buildings, a laundry run, wood resupply (possibly involving a human chain), strimming, clearing gutters and Arco drains and replacing the mosquito mesh. Replacing and making an inventory of items needed for the barn.

WHY? Despite Damian doing a great job caretaking and Chiz making some great improvements to the properties over the years working meets are as important as ever in keeping the properties up to spec, and for making improvements -especially jobs where many hands make light work. We are really lucky to have two properties but without well-attended working meets they won’t stay in a good state for long. All members are welcome, and there will be jobs to suit all abilities and skills. All tools and materials will be provided.

FOOD: As usual nowadays there will be a communal breakfast of bacon/egg/sausage baps on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Milk will be provided . There will a communal meal at the Cottage on the Saturday night -if anyone would like to volunteer as cook or assistant cook, please let me know! We have the new oven so options are limitless (ish) but must include custard.

You will need to bring food for Friday night, lunches and snacks, and any drink.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: To bring toilet roll, bin bags etc, Cook and assistant for communal meals, and to buy and bring up ingredients/food for communal meals, also for laundry run. There are also things that need to be replaced/provided for the barn. Which will require a trip to IKEA or some such. Max A has kindly made a list of what’s needed.

CLIMBING: The past few Working Meets have been well attended and we have completed most of the jobs on the Saturday and have cleaned the Cottage and gone climbing on the Sunday, and there is every chance we will do the same this meet.

Please don’t come to the Cottage on this weekend if you are not helping on the Working Meet.

Past working meets have been really enjoyable social weekends, I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you can come then please let me know here so we can get an idea of numbers and make sure we have enough tools, and if anyone has any particular skills or a van then do let us know! Likewise if anyone has any specific dietary requirements, allergies or injuries.


Happy to join, and will sign myself up when the spreadsheet is ready :slight_smile: I don’t have any specific skills, but willing to get stuck in with whatever’s needed!

Splendid, thanks John. I’ll be there. Some things I’ve noticed on the last couple of trips that we should aim to deal with on this meet:

  1. Mould! The deep clean needs to involve an aggressive war on mould.

  2. Can we replace the disgusting plastic bath mats that are currently functioning as hair collection and amalgamation receptacles? Maybe wooden ones would be better for the future (easier to clean, less hair-attracting)

  3. Lamp shades for the living room, instead of nasty bare bulbs burning my poor eyes out?

  4. Perhaps replacing the old-fashioned eye-burning light bulbs with nice new (energy efficient) LED ones?

  5. Toilet brushes - the ones we have at present are truly rancid. New ones perhaps?

  6. The items in the first aid box in the kitchen are, upon a recent inspection, all out of date by several years or more.

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None of these spreadsheets seem to work on Apple devices.

Hi John and everyone else,

I’ll joint the meet as well but where is the spreadsheet?

@PaulSagar - on point 3 - bare bulbs are old school de facto standard :smiley:
on point 4 (jokes aside) - most LED lamps have narrow light spectrum and are not very cozy. If we don’t want to convert cottage light into morgue I’d rather stick to incandescent or halogen lamps.

Spectrum comparison:

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Thanks John for taking on the role of hut warden, happy to come up for the weekend and build the shed door? I’ll have the dog so baggsie the sofa

As ex hut warden, in reply to Paul,
1 Mould gets tackled and sprayed every working meet and has been first thing we do at every working meet for years. It’s a partly a problem with ventilation and the floor, and partly people not using the (now quieter) fan when cooking and creating steam. If
you see bad mould at other times, give it a scrub?

2 good idea, IKEA?

3&4 There’s been a program of replacing incandescent bulbs with energy efficient lamps for some time. Shouldn’t be any left. Lampshades would need to match the new chintz curtains and pelmets that I hope John is planning?

5 The toilet brushes are only a year or two old, they get a lot of use, but not a lot of cleaning. They get cleaned every working meet, but if you notice they are rancid, then that is the time to clean them, not throw them away?

6 First aid kit was meant to have been checked and updated last working meet or one before. Shouldn’t have been anything out of date in there, but maybe they didn’t know about best befores. Again, if it was recently noticed that there was out
of date stuff it should have been flagged and sorted straight away

Working meets are when the club comes together to make a concerted effort at cleaning, maintenance, and improvements. We all still have a responsibility to clean, maintain and report all through the year.
I’ll shut up now.


Hi everyone - I don’t think John has had a chance to post the spreadsheet yet. Such a keen bunch :slight_smile:

John: Tim and I have also put this weekend aside to help out.

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Sorry John, but I’m going to have to miss this particular working meet, as I’m foolishly celebrating my birthday by participating in an ultramarathon in the Lakes on the Saturday.
Hope all goes well and I’ll aim to be there for the next one.


I’ll be there. Actually I’ll be there all the previous week & staying till Tues if anyone fancies some easy Trad :smile:

No special skills needed! Glad to have you aboard

Thanks for all the responses so far.
Thanks for suggestions and responses @PaulSagar @Vilius and @chizharward :wink:. I’ll be up there next weekend so will check out the first aid kit situation.
Would be great to have you there @chizharward will leave the shed door to you.
No worries @richard_young @Manchi sorry you can’t make it.
Let me know if the spreadsheet doesn’t work. I can fill you in @Haszko if necessary

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Thanks for setting this up, John. I think the spreadsheet is set as ‘Read-Only’ though?
Could you let us edit please? :slight_smile:

Haha classic NLMC spreadsheet

I will be there

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I’m coming and can drive. The spreadsheet is currently set to read-only.
One point I noticed last weekend is that the far toilet in the barn was not flushing very well; I am not sure if this is an easy fix or not.

Ok. Cheers Peter. I’m going to do a reccy next weekend so will check it

Is spreadsheet editing working now? I’m a bit rubbish with IT stuff.

@johnw1 I’m not going to make the working meet since I have family obligations that weekend but I’m going to go up this weekend. If there’s anything I can do to help prepare for the working meet please tell - I expect to have longer evenings free.

spreadsheet working -sign up folks!