North Wales Jubilee WK


Well its soon the loooooong weekend for HRH… @MattGee are thinking about heading up to the cottage. my partner also wants to come, however she dont climb!! anyone heading up also with a non climbing buddy?


May be there Thurs and Fri with a climbing buddy, and if the weather is nice will likely want to stay!

Dependent on flat moving date, though.

awesome!! :grin::grin:

Up for this too but will probably try and procure a climbing partner…

I’d love to join! With a non-climbing partner as well. Could somebody give us a lift? Unfortunately, neither of us are drivers

Hopefully I am considered a member now, at least, I was billed for the membership…

coolio…looking like a tribe. i am a driver but dont have a car. anyone happy to rent and share costs if no cars available?

Hellooo! I would be interested as well, I just need to double check and will confirm tonight. I can’t drive but happy for the renting part and sharing costs.
Happy to cook in exchange for been driven to north wales…!

Obviously happy to share whatever costs, you’re the driver after all :slight_smile:

I’d like to join! Happy to share in car rental costs :slight_smile:

howdy all…
so been trying to organise a vehicle and its a bit tricky and expensive.
a car will only fit another two passengers max (travelling light) and costs approx 360 for the 4 days with unlimited miles. so in the region of 120/ 150 pp inc. petrol.
however would need another car for everyone and looks like most cant drive.
had a look at a mini bus and its even more expensive at approx. 1200. for 7
so approx 200/ 220 pp!
what do people reckon? car looks cheapest. anyone know a driver who could hire another car?
stealing a car is out of the question!


without a car you can get a train to hathersage. however this is still about 90 quid plus then 40 for the campsite.
any other car less venues?

Train to Weymouth then bus to the bunkhouse works for Portland. On the other hand… Portland.


I’m thinking of going up to N Wales leaving Thurs morning (I’ve got a work thing on Weds eve) coming back Sunday but I live in Oxfordshire… so I can take some people (two comfortably, 3 at a squeeze) if they can get to somewhere on the M40 (High Wycombe?)…

Can I tag along? I don’t have climbing buddy nor I’ve done climbing outdoors? Are you guys staying at the hut or camping?

@ducle @Roman does that mean we have two cars to save the day!

Maybe? I’ve created a bare-bones spreadsheet… BH N Wales - Google Sheets

Just to update on my previous message that I definitely up for it.
Flexible with date/time and car requirements!

So looking at the spreadsheet the seems to be just enough people for cars (@bullopolis +1, @Daniel +1, @FrenchMatt and @Marine as passengers and me and @Roman with cars). So the choice for passengers is if you’d like to go on Thurs morning with me but have to get to the somewhere on the M40 (High Wycombe? Uxbridge? Ruislip?) or go with Roman on Thurs eve but probably meet somewhere more central. Maybe you could indicate on the sheet your preference?

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I think I’m going to set off on a jolly early next week so will wind my way up to the hut by myself at some point. For group crag journey purposes can be put in the boot or similar.
Can drive and happy to but am yet to convince a friend to put me on their car insurance … hopefully with Roman coming cars should be sorted now :slight_smile: