NLMC Pembrokeshire Meet 13/14 August

A reminder to everyone that the annual club trip to Pembrokeshire is coming up.

The Pembrokeshire sea cliffs are a world class climbing destination with over 3,000 routes to choose from. The climbing is mostly on unpolished limestone seacliffs and is a trad climbers paradise. The climbing is adventurous.

Where are we staying?
We will be camping at Bosherton campsite. It’s a farmers field in a pretty village and ideally situated for the amazing routes. You need a tent, mat and a sleeping bag.

How good at climbing do I need to be?
There is no minimum grade on any NLMC trip but to get the most out of Pembrokeshire, you’ll need to be happy seconding HVS.

Where will we eat?
St Gogan’s Inn on Saturday evening. Bring your own packed lunch.

What do I need to bring?
Harness, rock shoes, belay device is a minimum. Prussics also required as you will be abseiling into most routes. Even better if you can bring a half rope and trad rack.

Can I stay for longer?
Yes! In fact, @Peter and I will be there for the week before and @notgnarly is staying on with me afterwards.

How do book onto this fab trip?
Reply to this thread. Drivers especially welcome. Let us know your transport requirements, location and what kit you have. I will organise cars going from London next week.

Just back from the Bosherston campsite, just to add that it is £3 per person per night (£2 for kids) and is basic -two portaloos, a sink, a single cold shower and a washing up sink. BBqs ok off the grass, ice cream van comes round about 6pm.
What more could you want?

St Govan’s Inn is 5 mins walk away, it was booked up solid the two week nights we went in so best to reserve a table. The food is ok, but you might need two portions…

Will see if can get down for the meet or before/after if I can get time off but will be driving from Stroud


Count me in. Will bring Snuzy the little car that can. If we’re bringing
camping gear I realistically probably only have space for 1 other person in
my little car (which might be Mel if she comes) - but I’ll see how we go
with space on the anniversary meet this weekend and see if I can squeeze in
any more.

For Pembroke I will probably aim to leave crack of dawn on Saturday morning
rather than face Friday night rush hour and then having to put a tent up in
the dark, but we’ll see.

I can bring a single rope and a trad rack. Plus my new found leading skills
(did a course this weekend so am now much more confident with setting up a
belay etc!)

H x

Lifts update:

Mel has promised she’ll come (whoop!) but might travel up by train in
advance and set up our tents! Which means I am happy to leave on Friday
evening and have space for at least 1 other person in my car for the
journey there.

Maybe we can plan lifts in Wales this weekend?


I’m in! As usual I will look for a lift so IMHO It’s good idea to discuss that in Wales.

Who needs glamping when you’ve got an ice cream van coming to the campsite. Thanks for the up-to-date info @chizharward. I hope you can make it.

Great you’re coming @hollymoy1. Pembroke is so amazing. You have lots of takers for your car space. Currently @Max_Adamson, @notgnarly and @Vilius need lifts there. @Peter will be returning on the Sunday night and will have some spaces.

Car drivers, please step forward. :smile:

Ok well Mel has said that she’s going to chicken out of climbing anything and is just coming for the holiday, so anyone who’s happy to buddy up with me on the climbing gets priority in the car… I might be climbing HVSs though?!!

It looks like the weather is going to be fair for the next week or so so the Pembrokeshire meet is going to be fab. I’m heading off this evening - yippee!

Being quite remote, Internet access is quite variable but I will try to connect in to check this thread and organise cars, but if I don’t, there might be a bit of peer to peer organisation required! Best of luck with that folks!

Hi all,

I’m having 2nd thoughts about Pembroke as a) I might not want to second anything harder than an HS given I’ve not been on sea cliffs before and I’m not sure how freaked out I’ll get and b) Mel isn’t going up Friday so I have no-one to put my tent up in advance, which means I probably won’t be going up til Saturday morning, which makes it a bit of a short weekend for a 5 hour drive!

However I know there will be fewer lifts if I don’t take the car so is anyone travelling earlier that might be kind enough to to take and put up my tent for me so we can drive up Friday night?

And/or is anyone up for leading a couple of easier routes for me to second! If I can get one good multi-pitch in per day I’ll be happy, there’s a severe i’d be happy to lead/second on and then a couple of HS that look fun which I’m happy to second.

However I don’t want to hold everyone back or get stuck at the bottom of a cliff with the sea coming in… So I’m wondering whether I should just leave it this time!

Any thoughts let me know. Anyone going to the castle this eve? I might come just to buy new shoes and chat about the weekend if anyone else is going to be there!


Hi holly

Afraid I’m going to italy so won’t be there … Pembroke is mainly single pitch and abseil in, but there is an area called saddle head that you walk into and lots of routes about severe to get going on …

If you have a partner wanting to climb a similar grade that could work well … as for tent, putting up in the dark skills are essential for all climbers :wink:

Hope you have a good trip - love Pembroke :slight_smile:


Haha yeh obviously it’s not that i CANT put a tent up in the dark and I have done on many occasions, I’m not a princess!

It’s just that given the choice between driving for 5 hours in Friday night traffic then still having to put a tent up on arrival and leaving at the crack of dawn on Saturday, I’d rather do the latter. But either is quite an undertaking for 2 days, so I’m just trying to figure out if there will be enough for me to do up there to make it worth it, or if I should wait til I can make it a longer trip (am veering towards the latter!) but also conscious that means 2-3 less car places for everyone else so just trying to figure out the options.

So Ian, Jan, Vilus - are you guys coming. Need a lift from London?

Hi all,
I am planning on coming and will be giving Ian L a lift.
Looking forward to sunny limestone!

Max - if you aren’t taking Ian L can I have a lift with you? Should be at ME tomorrow to catch up if you are there.

Hi All,

Is it too late for me to sign up for this? I would definitely be keen on

I might be able to give lifts from Bristol to Pembroke if that is helpful
for anyone?


Hi. Yes I’m going and looking for a lift. :slight_smile:


I’m out of town this week, so not at mile end. I have the car either, but
if we get enough interest would you be in for a hire car? I can sort it.


Hi Max,

I would definitely been keen for car hire.

What time would you plan to leave on the Friday?


@Max_Adamson, @mortim91 - If you don’t mind I would like to join you. Where would you leave from?