NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM 2017 - 11/12 November



lots of help with directions already.

  1. Yes you need a sleeping bag.
  2. yes, bring food and drinks (not seen anything about communal brekkie, happens sometimes so keep an eye out here). There are some cafes in the village but not a good grocery store.



I still need a lift although may be able to take my car.


@SimonJ pack a sleeping bag too!


re: breakfast – if there’s any spare flour/eggs/milk, we can make pancakes again!


@SimonJ Remember a head torch…and ear plugs if you don’t like snoring :wink:


Hey there! I think @jrtomlins and I still need a lift, we’re very southwest but can get to northern London. :slight_smile:


I’m slightly losing track of who needs a lift and who doesn’t but I have one space going from Hackney at 4.30ish if that’s any use to anyone?



We have Kate in our car, and can offer one other space - leaving Finsbury
Park area, 6.30pm tomorrow evening. Returning Sunday evening.

Manchi (and Tim)


P.S. Before I forget: Dave Adler and I will be handing out the "awards"
this year at the Dinner. There will be another box of glory/box of shame.
Please PM me if you’d like to nominate a fellow climber for a feat of
climbing magnificence from the year gone by… or for a shameful act of
climbing misadventure.


I think I’ve lost track too. This afternoon, I’ll pull together a list of who’s in who’s car to make sure everyone has a spot and see if there are any useful swaps.


London Car Drivers and Passengers : current status
Shout if anything here is wrong. @hughmerritt, looks like we need your car I’m afraid as I haven’t bought one yet!!

Leaving Islington early Friday, returning early Sunday
Has spaces

Leaving from Wapping, Friday 5:45pm, returning early Sunday (needs to be in London by 8pm)
Jan, Tutu, Miguel, Tom Blake

Leaving Hackney 4:30pm wish
Taking Hannah
1 more space

Leaving 4:30pm from Greenwich
Paul, Martin, Naomi

Leaving 6:30pm Oakwood?
Taking David Barlow, Chris, Catrin

Tim and Manchi
Leaving Islington at?
Taking Kate
1 space

People needing lifts
Hugh, JT, Laura, Khalid, Omar

Haven’t heard from


I am riding up with @Nigel_Allsopp1 - there are only two real seats in his car so unfortunately can’t offer lifts.


Okay, thanks Dave. Is @Nigel_Allsopp1 coming to the dinner, I don’t have him on the list?


Ok,that’s fine (inconsiderate, but fine). Who wants a lift then? Leaving from Turnpike Lane from 6.30pm. @jrtomlins and @L_Pio have first dibs. @khalidqasrawi are you wanting a lift with me or are you going with Aurelio?


Hi @Manchi
Can I please get a lift with you guys tomorrow? :slight_smile:


I’ll assume that @jrtomlins and @L_Pio are going with you Hugh and that @Omar is going with Manchi and Tim.

I may be going via Oxford tomorrow (or not). Depends on a phone call tomorrow at 9amish. What time are you planning to leave Hugh?


Sure @omar, I’ll PM you details.


@khalidqasrawi 6.30ish from Turnpike Lane tube


Thanks @hughmerritt. I’m now going with @owrehleeoh. Safe trip and see you there.


Afraid I lost some jewellery, most likely in the Barn: a gold signet ring and a bracelet; both with sentimental value. Would be chuffed if anyone found them.

Thanks for an awesome weekend all. Just about to jump into the bath with my rubber ducks.