NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM 2017 - 11/12 November

Dear Members,

This year, the NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM will be held in North Wales on the 11/12 November. I’ve attached a letter with full details of the weekend.

AGM Dinner Letter 2017.pdf (128.1 KB)

For our new members or others thinking of attending for the first time, the format of the weekend follows those of other club weekend trips. On Friday evening, we will have a procession of cars, many of which go from London, arriving in the dead of night at the cottage car park. We make every effort to go climbing on Saturday and Sunday. The big difference between a normal club trip and this one is that you get a great meal, a guest speaker on Saturday night followed by a minor display of democracy on Sunday morning.

If you want to book, the easiest way is using our online form
I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Payment details: North London Mountaineering Club
Co-operative Bank plc
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65666984

Reminder: The club working meet is coming up on 7/8 October. The cottage and barn have been looked after for many years. It’s our duty to do our bit. I’ll be attending and hope to see lots of you there. Think hard about going, especially if you’ve used the properties. The link to sign up on the forum is here.

All the best,

NLMC President

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It might be quiet on this thread but the Google booking form for the Annual Dinner is hot. Lots and lots of folks have chosen their starters, mains and desserts already. Yeah! And if you are one of those that hasn’t yet, time is running out: there’s just 21 days to go! Don’t miss it.

The link to click is HERE. And remember, there’s a free 2018 calendar if you pay £10 more…

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Hi Khalid,

I can offer a lift leaving Greenwich by way of East London (Bromley by Bow) at 4.30pm for those who can get away a bit earlier.


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I need a lift please (I’m in North London, Upper Holloway)

Hi all,

Naomi, Martin and me will need a lift, too.

Only thing is that I need to be at Heathrow Airport on Sunday 8pm. So if
anyone is planning to coming home earlier or not up for rainy cragging…

Thanks so much,


@Max_A naomi and i could get to brom by bow for 4.30 :blush: if thats ok

@Max_A be happy to share driving too if needed.

I have one space available, departing Oakwood approx. 18.30hrs Friday, returning Sunday evening.




Hi Martin, Naomi,

you’d be very welcome.

@janderkran - Even if coming back early, may be better to pitch in with someone else as I will be going North of London and in on the M11/A12 on the way home; not great for getting to Heathrow!



I have currently agreed to take David Barlow (collecting him from his house) and Chris Colebrook (meeting at mine/David’s/Oakwood). Thus I do have one space.


Hi, new member here.

My mate Miguel and I will be looking to leave London bridge area/East
London on Friday. Are there rides still available?

Still need to actually send over payment but planning on doing this
tonight, unless I can pay cash at the mile end meet?


Super, Thanks Max :grin:

Hi @Max_A If there are spaces left, I’d
be keen on a lift from Bromley by Bow :slight_smile:


@L_Pio and I both need lifts. North or West London works best.

21days? It’s this weekend coming!

Hi all, I have two more spaces, departing East London and passing through North London.

Hi, I would also like a lift please! I’m a bit lost with the thread but @Peter it sounds like you have one more space still? Please can I grab that?


ah damn sorry I got a bit lost as well and missed some posts… are there still spaces left? @Sam7 has anyone claimed yours? if not, can I take one please? or is anyone else driving? I can leave pretty early on friday

One space in my car. Jan, have you made a plan (i can’t guarantee getting you back to Heathrow)? Otherwise, Paul H. has dibs and lives in East London.