NLMC Annual Dinner and AGM 2017 - 11/12 November


@MAx_A, I will go with Daniel who has also 2 more spaces @others

See you soon,




Yes I am happy with that; I do think that Khalid said he would be proposing car arrangements, but in the meantime assume that you have a space - is Oakwood at 6.30ish ok for you?




@Sam7@janderkran so will you be coming back early-ish? because that would suit me quite well as I’ll need to do a tiny bit of work sunday eve.


@Sam7 I’m trying to get a ride for two leaving East London if you still have spaces




I’ve not been to the cottage before and will be heading there from Worcester. Got a couple of questions if anyone can help:

  1. Is there somewhere on the forum with directions?
  2. Can I get in if I arrive earlier e.g. around 8?
  3. I understand I need to bring bedding with me (sleeping bag)?
  4. Do I need to bring food for breakfast/lunch?

Thank you, I appreciate any help on these.



Hi @Tutu yes coming back early with Jan. Happy to give you a lift!


thank you @Sam7 that would be awesome!


@SimonJ I’ll PM you regarding the hut.

Not brilliant with directions so if someone else can help with that.


Hi Simon. As a member you should have the access code for the cottage.


Simon if you aim for the Bryn Glo cafe :slight_smile: that’s
the car park you need!


Go about three miles past Betws y Coed crossing a bridge on a S bend. The
lay-by is on the right, just after a right hand bend at the end of a long
straight. Cross the style and walk up the hill past the first building.


@Tom_Blake if you are okay with three at the back I’m happy to take you and your mate. Shall be coming back to London early on Sunday as need to be in West London by 8pm - is that okay with you?


Hi @SimonJ !
From worcester you will probably go up the a442 past kidderminster to the a5 at shrewsbury. (Don’t bother with m5 - roadworks are awful!) Keep going on a5 through bets y coed. You will pass the ugly house, then a sign saying you are entering capel curig. Go to the large layby signed p on the right. It has the bryn glo cafe in the far right corner! The cottage is over the ladder sty and up the hill. Second building you reach. You will need the code or a member to let you in, i won’t be there till sat. Take a headtorch and stuff in a rucksack for the walk up and it will be muddy! :slight_smile:


(Ps i sometimes work near worcester and then will climb at the new redpoint - do you go there at all? Good to know extra locals!)


Hi @Sam7,
I’m @Tom_Blake’s mate - that sounds great. Thanks!


Thank you, appreciate it!


Hi, great, thank you for the info. Yes I’m actually going to Redpoint tonight so just let me know if you are in the area and want to climb.


Thank you.


Thanks Jan. Paul H, you are in (note the leave time 4.30pm). cheers


I haven’t been following this thread today. Looks like everyone is sorting their own lifts. Hooray for that. Less for me to do. Is anyone without a lift (except for me!).

Jan, @owrehleeoh is leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday morning. You may prefer to go with hi or at least return!