Newsletter Call for Content

Hello everybody

For obvious reasons there hasn’t been much news recently (or has there???!!!) but I’d like to try and do a Newsletter regardless.

So, has anybody done any good climbing since lockdown ended?

Anybody managed MAD GAINS on the fingerboard?

The Pets of the NLMC Club has expanded greatly in recent months, I know that. But do I know about yours, specifically?

I currently know of 4 NLMC Cripples. But perhaps there are more of you out there nursing yourselves back to health and fitness?

Has anybody planned any MAJOR LIFE CHANGES they would like to announce to the Club?

Be in touch…

Qualification of “good” may be required. Lots of climbing, no good climbing.

I’ve been experimenting with lots of top-rope soloing round Yorkshire’s finest grit & lime if that’s of any interest to anyone…! The climbs have been completely pedestrian, but the rigging and ascending systems are fun to play with!

Haven’t (yet) slid down the rope and hit the floor.

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Ditto, I’ve done some climbing - random Portland bouldering mostly with my son and some DWS exploits that haven’t as yet turned into any big ticks - but nothing particularly worth writing home about as yet…

I’ve been doing a deep dive into sandstone esoterica, but highlights so far are mostly being shouted at by a farmer and accidentally parking up to eat dinner in the local dogging site…


@Sarah_Rae - full report, please!

I cried on a Diff


Count yourself lucky. I WISH I could cry on a diff!

Did lots of good walks in Shropshire, a route at Llanymynech and several in the Peak

Just occurred to me that my offer of reproducing/summarising my dws blog article still stands if you need to generate pages…

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Yep - did you send that to me already @ajmorris228? I have a memory of an email somewhere but I’ve not been particularly with it these last few weeks.

I started a separate thread with a link to the blog itself, but I can send you the raw text if that’s more convenient (the pictures you can grab from the blog I think, and I assume you probably don’t need them all?). Let me know?

I climbed the easiest sport route in the UK yesterday. 1a.

To be honest I thought it was hard for the grade



My lad and I have climbed at Millstone, Harper hill, Horseshoe Quarry, Tremadog and Dinorwig. It’s fair to say the climbing season is up and running, just get there. PS, If you want to park within a mile of Horseshoe, you need to be early. Tremadog cafe opens on 25th July

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Savage effect on your UKC average grade too, @MattGee

It’ll never recover! I climbed the adjacent 2a and 3a as well…

Hedbury grading is hard to be fair. Did you try the 6b+ prow to the left? Brutal at the grade!

Hell no, far too weak for that. Puny.

I have done a lot of Alpine stuff since the end of the French lockdown, I can put something short together if you still need page fillers? When is the deadline?

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Yes please Kris!

Also, I’d like to do an “NLMC in lockdown” bit. If anyone has suitable photos of lockdown activity (eg table traverse @HollyP, making stuff with wood like a Real Man @Mark_W) that would be cool!

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That homebrew training thread had some good contributions to it…

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