New Year 2019 at the cottage

I’m planning to go to North Wales for New Year to go bouldering with a friend and I was wondering if guests are allowed in the cottage over New Year?

Cheers Ian

I was wondering similar but from 2nd January, and with children…

Members can usually sign in guests (I am not aware of any restriction on dates, but I think there is a limit to how many guests per member- can anyone clarify this?). The guest fees can be paid by filling out one of brown envelopes and posting the money into the safe to the right of fireplace. Enjoy!

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I will also be there over New Year. Guests are welcome, but you are restricted to a max of two guests.

So if I wanted to bring my family (3 guests) I need to upgrade to Family Membership?

Would it be an option for us to stay in the barn, leaving the cottage child-free?

I’m quite tempted to join. Has to be better than the usual hell of NYE parties in London.

May wait and see what the weather does…


Basically, yes, or attend with another member. You can certainly hire the barn if it’s not being used then.

Members are allowed two guests. Staying in the barn should not be a problem, it’s unlikely to be booked but check. Keeping the cottage child free is a good idea as the law on having children sleeping in the same room and sharing bathroom and toilet facilities with unrelated adults is a bit hazy

@Haszko, members and their families and guests are welcome within the hut rules (two guests per member), and should all be made welcome in the Cottage in the spirit of mutual friendship, tolerance and love of the hills and crags. Same as everyone else, and same as parents with children should expect drinking, robust language and phenomenal snoring especially over new year (and that’s just from the kids).

Keeping the Cottage child-free is not my understanding of club policy. Several members have been in the club since the womb and I personally feel the club should welcome the next generation. Families of all ages are a valued part of the club, and should be able to use all the club facilities.


I’m with Chiz on this topic, especially when welcoming in the New Year. Children should be very welcome to be there over the holidays. My kids love going to the hut and will no doubt get their own membership when old enough.

Nik Le Ray


I’m also with Chiz! It’s great to encourage fams up to the cottage. So don’t worry and get them up there with you! The barn is booked unfortunately otherwise we could have looked at that option!

New year at the cottage sounds pretty great though - have a good time :slight_smile:

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I’ll third or fourth that. Please let’s trust club members to know how their children should behave in the hut. In my experience (and admitedly, relatively seldom), that’s usually with exemplary consideration for the other hut users.

I’d hate to see the sort of rules come in described above, just because that’s what everyone else does these days.



I didn’t read Richard’s comment as being anti-children or being about children’s behaviour.
I don’t know the law in detail but he is talking about legalities about non-family adults in the presence of children in a setting like this. I’ve come across this issue before in another climbing club where myself and a friend could not book into a hut because one family was there with children. I don’t know if it was legal issue or a club policy issue.

Jo it will be worth checking and clarifying this for all.


Contrary to what Richard says this is not really a legal issue if the parent is there or adult is acting in loco parentis. Up to them what to do.

Here is the BMC guidance for what it’s worth:


Thanks John, very helpful. For the record I’m not trying to rock the boat (quite the opposite; I fully agree that children should be welcome - as others say, they represent the future of the club)

Reading the BMC guiidance the critical bit is:


3. Your club allows under 18s to join as members and/or attend club meets, but only with a parent/carer or an adult in loco parentis , nominated by a parent.


These three situations are similar and your club is not required to adopt the BMC Child Safeguarding Policy or appoint a Youth Officer.

We should make sure that our rules match that. If you take a child an you aren’t the parent then you should make sure the parents understand you are in loco parentis.

Another club I’m in has this problem but that’s because they rent out their hut to “supervised groups” where the adults in charge aren’t parents. That doesn’t apply to us because the barn is separate from and closed off from the cottage users. (INAL and all that)

I am pretty likely to come to the cottage for New Year, possibly with at least one guest. Dates TBC, me probably 29 or 30 Dec until 2 or 3 Jan. Guest later.


Kate, Tom and I will be up at the hut over the New Year as well, representing the largest child contingent.

Who do I contact at the club to offer my accommodation in the Costa Blanca Mountains for use by your club?



Interested in New Year at the hut, weather permitting. However, would need a lift and have to be back on 1st. Could go any time from 29th.