New Year 2019 at the cottage


Ooh this is looking like a fun New Year! We’re planning on arriving on 30th, staying til the Friday or so.


Looks likely that I’ll be in the area as well, so will be great to see you all…
(The rest of my party are staying in Rhyd Ddu)


I will probs be in n Wales too :slight_smile:


I would like to inform club members that we currently have an infestation of unusual mammals in the cottage…they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, very glad we came up here for NYE :slight_smile:


brilliant, am very glad you all went up and are having a great time. Happy new year!


Happy New Year to everyone, both Hut-visitors and beyond. Had a lovely few days up in Wales. Oh, and @HollyP and I enjoyed a total epic on A Dream of White Horses.

Full story coming in the Spring Newsletter.


Happy New Year to everyone. Great to hear that a good time was had at the cottage; shame I couldn’t be there myself.