New Pigfish T-shirt order!

New t-shirts have been requested so place your orders if your old Pigfish has died a noble death and needs reincarnating!

As before I’ll use the same printing company, add £2 to your order if you want ‘NLMC’ printed on the back (I think). I’ll add the payment details to this later, for now please just fill in your order on the spreadsheet below.

T-shirt options here



Cheers for that Holly, were the non-hibiscus ones “fire red” the last time?

Give me a ping with payment info and I can get it transferred.

Yes think so. I’ll wait for more orders and send payment details then :+1:

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@Mark_W I see you’ve ordered Large - is the sizing non-standard or is Large really a standard Medium?

@dabarlow - I got a medium regular cotton shirt the other year, it was a little on the snug side and COVID restrictions haven’t exactly helped matters…

I am closer to 42” than 38” shall we say :joy:

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Thanks for organising!
Are there plans for hoodies? Mine has finally died

I can order whatever people want :slight_smile:

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Brill! I’ll add it to the spreadsheet

@HollyP Did the shirts end up getting ordered? For some reason I’ve just remembered about them,

They have not yet. Thanks for the reminder!

Any last minute orders by the end of the weekend please!

@Mark_W @dabarlow @L_Pio @BR0D0M @owrehleeoh @jrtomlins @chizharward @mikedlr @Ladislav
I am finally getting round to ordering the pigfish items, can you confirm you still want the same order as per the spreadsheet?

Yes please!

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Yes please

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can i get one too…have put my name on the list :grin:

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Also throwing in a last minute order, hopefully thats alright :grin:

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Yes please, have changed the colour tho.

I get my work tshirts/hoodies from them and although they took a few goes to get the printing exactly right (which resulted in me getting a few free T shirts and hoodies!) they are really good.

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Yes please!:+1:

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Throwing in an even more last minute order if that is not totally unacceptable :grimacing:

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aaaaa sorry sorry sorry
please pretty please with cherries on can I have a t-shirt and be cool like everyone else