New Members Meet 23-25 September 2022

New Members Meet September 2022 Yeeeeehaaaaaah! :cowboy_hat_face:

Please sign up on the spreadsheet linked below.

Dates: 24/25 September (most people leaving London afternoon of 23rd)

Location: NLMC cottage near Betws y Coed, North Wales. Sleeping bag, towel etc needed. Free for members, £6 p/n for guests

Transport: car shares, please book a slot with a driver based on when they are leaving that suits you

Food: communal meal Saturday evening, communal breakfasts, please bring your own food for all other meals. Depending on when you arrive on Friday, you can get dinner at the local pub. The cottage kitchen is fully equipped with fridge/cooker/microwave etc.



NLMC New Members Sec

Places are strictly limited to 25 people, based on a 1st-come-1st-served basis. If the meet is oversubscribed we will prioritise new/prospective members who have not been on a meet before.
If the meet is oversubscribed we will also need to ensure we have enough suitably experienced members around to take new/prospective members out.

NB: if you are new to the club you will need to climb with us on a Monday evening at the Castle before the meet, so we can ensure minimum safety & skills are met.


Yay. Just signed up.

Have to miss it. Visiting old haunts and memories in Yosemite.


Hi, keen newbie here. Is the plan mostly trad climbing?

Hi Sioned, generally trad is the emphasis but some people might be happy to clip bolts or even do some bouldering.

No problem. I’ve done a couple of trad trips (VS max), but don’t have my own gear. If that’s good enough for a first outing with you guys, I’m in!

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We have loads of gear! If you can meet some of us at a climbing wall so we can check your belaying that’s all that’s needed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Sioned (and any others for whom this might be relevant!)
I’m a qualified climbing instructor and I’m working towards my next qualification, which is teaching people to lead trad/sport outdoors.

If you would like to, I can combine climbing with some teaching practice on trad? We seem to have an unusual number of experienced leaders this year, much to my detriment :sweat_smile:

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At least we also have an unusual number of drivers…!

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Sounds awesome! Super happy to be a sample student, what a treat

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Alas it is the (drumroll please) 30th birthday of the Club Treasurer that weekend, and I forgot we had planned to go away already for that - so I’ve taken myself off the spreadsheet. Enjoy…

Am also RCI working towards RCDI, if that’s helpful to anyone. Though in terms of log book, I just need to climb a lot! Don’t mind whatsoever whether it’s with newbies or otherwise!

I realise this is heretical but I really would be up for some bouldering…

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Shun the heretic, shun

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If there’s bouldering involved I might join! Not done trad properly for a couple of years so wouldn’t want to be leading all that hard

Bouldering in North Wales? Controversial, and I love it. I’ll do some bouldering if others are keen. Wouldn’t mind finally doing some trad as well if someone is willing to share their experience.

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It’s the new members’ meet. The experienced come, expecting to share of that experience.

I envision myself either leading trad, with those who don’t fancy doing so themselves, or instructing leading.


Hi! Sam and i have been meaning to join for ages, so would be cool to join you in wales. I live in east London with Sam but i have a conference in Birmingham the 23rd, hence why i’ve put Telford as a potential pick up point if someone is willing. It is en route driving from london, but open to sugestions if there’s better options. :slight_smile: look forward to hopefully meeting you guys

I sadly can’t make this one, Tom and I are away for a week. Have fun, all!

I see I was very slow to sign up :frowning:
Could one camp in front of the hut?