New Members Meet 23-24 September 2023

Sign-up sheet for the September New Members Meet now live! Grab your spot now :smiley:

Please see the note below about prioritising experienced leaders/completely new members in the event the meet is oversusbcribed

Meet type: all kinds - easy trad, hard trad, easy sport, hard sport, scrambling, mountaineering, hiking, bouldering - you want it we got it. Suitable for people with no or little experience of trad climbing, as we will pair you with an experienced club member

Dates: 23/24 September (most people leaving London afternoon of 22nd)

Location: NLMC cottage near Betws y Coed, North Wales. Sleeping bag, towel etc needed. Free for members, £7 p/n for guests

Experience needed: any level

Skills needed: lead belaying

Equipment required: basic (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes), plus ideally a prussic and spare carabiners for abseils, approach shoes/boots

Transport: car shares, please book a slot with a driver based on when they are leaving that suits you

Food: communal meal Saturday evening, communal breakfasts, please bring your own food for all other meals. Depending on when you arrive on Friday, you can get dinner at the local pub. The cottage kitchen is fully equipped with fridge/cooker/microwave etc.



NLMC New Members Sec

Places are strictly limited to 22 people. We only have use of the cottage, not the barn too, so everyone will be sleeping in the cottage unless you make other plans. If the meet is oversubscribed we will prioritise new/prospective members who have not been on a meet before.
If the meet is oversubscribed we will also need to ensure we have enough suitably experienced members around to take new/prospective members out.

NB: if you are new to the club you will need to climb with us on a Monday evening at the Castle before the meet, so we can ensure minimum safety & skills are met.


Just remembered we have met at the Castle a year or two ago for a Monday night ! You did check my belaying but since it was a good while ago I’ll leave myself as ‘unchecked’ for now :slight_smile:

We currently have two confirmed drivers for 22 people. It’s probably ideal to have about three, max four per car, which means 5-7 drivers, so it looks like several of the maybe drivers should convert to certainty. I can’t do that right now unfortunately.

Thanks Mike. Yes please can everyone who offered to drive please confirm commitment? And those who offered to hire a car please look into the logistics of that - anyone who gets a lift with you will pay an equal share of course, plus petrol. I’ve added a tab to the spreadsheet so please put your name down next to the driver you’ve confirmed with.

The responsibility is on each person to sort out your lift to north Wales. Most people have put their mobile numbers on the spreadsheet to facilitate this, anyone else can send a PM on this forum if needed.

Keen to join this NMM as i’ve missed the past couple but as i missed the cut-off, and if there’s no space in the cabin am I able to join and instead just camp out nearby ? Will arrange that by myself of course!

Happy to split driving/hire costs if others are interested - I might be able to borrow the car but can’t confirm yet.

Hey all,

Happy to share in car rental and split costs too, might be sending my license to DVLA for renewal though so can’t confirm that I can share on driving :blush:


If you are sending it for renewal, you’re still allowed to drive whilst waiting for the new one to come in the post!

I’ll be driving out from Nine Elms at 5:30. Happy to take passengers from there, or pick up en-route :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
If I want to join, should I put myself on the waiting list now?

Hi, I would be happy to drive up to Betws y Coed on Friday 22 September at some stage with tbc. I would leave from the Hatfield area but could consider pick ups from this area or from Hatfield train station. Depending on which car I car boot space may be minimal. Let me know who may wish to join me.

Hey! I’ve provisionally booked a hire car leaving from next to Finsbury park station on Friday afternoon. Would be good if anyone wants to come with me and share costs could identify themselves so that I know what I’m doing or can make alternative arrangements if necessary.

Hi Josh, i’d be keen to tag along with you if there’s space ?

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Hi hi, I’ve put myself on the waiting list but just wanted to flag here in case things change (or anyone else wants to go in on finding alternate accommodation to the hut). I’m a former club member (circa 2017-2019) who’s keen rejoin and attend some club trips again. I’ve got a full rack and 60m half ropes, experienced leader in case that helps!

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Had a family event come up that weekend - so have taken my name off the spreadsheet, good news for the waiting list! Hope someone on there has a fab time instead. Hadn’t arranged a lift yet so that won’t impact anyone else. See you at a later meet for sure!

hi all, does anyone have a free space in a car?

I have two more spaces in my car, leaving north London Friday eve. Feel free to find my number and message me!

Hello all! Less than 2 weeks til the Meet - whoop! :cowboy_hat_face:

We need volunteers to make food!
Breakfast each morning and dinner on Saturday are traditionally communal in the cottage, so this is your chance to wow us with your culinary skills. Each meal will need a veggie option. Please see the spreadsheet for details.

For people buying food for breakfast/dinner, please note the following conditions apply if you want to be reimbursed:

  • cost per head should be no more than £2.50 pp per breakfast / £5 pp for dinner (ie £10 pp total for the weekend)
  • receipts should be clearly photo-ed and sent to Jess (Treasurer) within one month of the meet. The club will not be able to reimburse money for receipts that are missing/lost/late unfortunately.
    So, please keep things minimal/budget version where possible.


Hi Andrew. I’ve sent you a text. I’m Hertfordshire based too (WGC). Between us we could hire a car and head to Wales. Enterprise prices have dropped to about 100 for a car and 120 for an SUV for the weekend. We could also have two spare spaces for two other members to share cost if they were happy to come out of London by train.

Hello, I am no longer available for the New Members Meet
and have taken myself off the spreadsheet.