New Members Meet 17/18 September : Snowdonia

Calling all aspirant new members and recent new members, come to the Cottage, climb with us and check us out.

Carreg Wastad, New Members Meet September 2014

Who’s invited?
Anyone who wants to climb and has an interest in joining our club. The new member’s meets are the simplest pathway to joining the NLMC. If that’s you, come along and get involved. There’s no minimum skill level although you should have had some exposure to roped climbing, maybe indoors, maybe through scrambling. There’s also no maximum skill level either: experienced climbers are welcome to come along and join too. Existing members are also needed to host our guests.

We will be staying at at Bryn Brethynau aka The Cottage in Capel Curig. The Cottage belongs to the club and is fully equipped. The bedroom is fitted out alpine bunk style so you’ll need to bring a sleeping bag. For more info, check the club website.,-3.8877671916,17
Free to members. £6 a night to guests / non-members.

What’s the format?
We drive to Capel Curig in a virtual convoy on the Friday evening. When I know who’s coming and what transport we have, you’ll be allocated to a car. On Saturday and Sunday, we go climbing. If this is your first time outdoors, that’s fine. You’ll be paired with an experienced climber who will show you the ropes. All you need is bags of enthusiasm and psyche and competence belaying. We should be organised before we go, but we can have a quick meeting in the living room at 8:30am on Saturday morning to make sure everyone knows what they are doing.

What do I need to bring?
For climbing you are going to need a helmet, harness, belay device and carabiner, rock shoes and chalk. Not required but great if you have it: some trad gear and a half rope.
For your stay in the hut you need a sleeping bag. A head torch is required for the walk up the track to the Cottage and I always keep a head torch in my sack during a day in the mountains anyway.
You’ll be out all day, possibly in a mountain environment so you need to dress for it. Bring a warm hat, gloves, waterproof jacket, warm clothes and appropriate footwear to access the crag. It’s cool to climb in jeans but not if you’re up high and the rain arrives and remember that your favourite lycra gym kit is likely to get trashed on the high friction rock so hard wearing clothing is a better bet.

What about meals?
Bring your own breakfast and stuff for packed lunches and maybe something to eat along the way on Friday evening. It’s traditional for drivers to stop at Telford Tesco’s but you should check with yours, to make sure. Saturday evening we will most likely go to the Tyn-y-Coed pub for dinner although there is always the option to cook at the hut if you prefer.

Where do we go climbing?
North Wales is unique in having an amazing diversity of crag venues. On warm dry days, we go up into the mountains, maybe climbing in the Llanberis Pass or the Ogwen valley. When we’re not so sure of the weather, maybe we’ll drive to Tremadog and sample the amazing roadside dolerite. For some adventure, we head over to Anglesea and climb on the sea cliffs at Gogarth. If the forecast is for showers, the slate quarries call: slate is actually waterproof! Any number of other options exist.

Okay, I am psyched and I want to come. What next?
Respond to this thread with the following details:-

  • Name
  • Your level of experience (e.g. competent outdoors sports climber, boulderer only, top roping, lead climbing / belaying, etc)
  • Where you are leaving from and what the earliest time you can get away on Friday night
  • What climbing gear you have
  • How you heard about the club

I will organise cars next week once I know who is coming.

If you have any questions at all, ask here or direct message me.

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I would like to attend the new members meet.
My Name is Allan Leslie
I have not climbed in some years but happy to second and possibly lead at low grades. Although my preference is hillwalking and scrambling.
I will be leaving from Teddington early Friday but heading to Scotland after the meet.
I have a harness and some gear but need to get a helmet.
Looking forward to the meet.



Welcome Allan.

Your name is on the list. I have a number of people asking about scrambling so you won’t be alone.


I am hoping to be there but may have to be in london that weekend.

If I am able to go I will be driving from york. I have led hvs last year
but not done trad since. Have seconded e3 6a and worked a 7a sport route in
less than a session. Bouldered a few 7a’s.

With respect to gear I have a full rack excl.cams. got a helmet and single
rope (60 and 70m)

Hope I can make it.

Binit Shah

Name: Anthony and Katie
Your level of experience (e.g. competent outdoors sports climber, boulderer only, top roping, lead climbing / belaying, etc): Both of us can lead VS. Sport climbing 6a/6bish

Where you are leaving from and what the earliest time you can get away on Friday night: we both work in central London. So we could potentially bring our stuff with us into work and leave from central to where ever the driver is going from. Otherwise we live in Croydon.

What climbing gear you have: full rack minus cams. Got everything else!

How you heard about the club: Google.

@Binit-Shah, please let me know nearer the time if you are going - if so
it might make sense for us to car share.

Count me in.

I intend to go and can drive from Enfield.

I would like to go. I feel confident (most of the time) leading up to VS routes, and I can second up to E2. I don’t own any trad gear though :cry: I live in Camden and can leave whenever on Friday :slight_smile:

I’ll be there. Looking for a lift, ideally.

List so far:-

Name: James Gregory
Your level of experience: some years ago used to lead easy trad routes, but past couple of years I’ve done no climbing beyond indoor bouldering about once a month. Happy to second up to maybe VS if someone needs a belay, or also don’t mind walking/scrambling if that’s what others are doing
Where you are leaving from and what the earliest time you can get away on Friday night: central London, any time
What climbing gear you have: in London just harness, shoes, helmet, belay device. In a garage miles away I have a bit of trad lead gear
How you heard about the club: Google


If there’s still spaces, I’d love to come. I have a car and am happy to drive, work is in Stratford and Im usually finished by 1530 so can get off pretty early. Used to climb a bit but haven’t led outdoors and am keen to get back into it. I’ve got my own harness, helmet, shoes, chalk, belay device and krab but not much of a rack, and no rope.



I’ll be there as well but not leaving until Sat morning (from Macc) of course. Will wander up to the hut for coffee early Sat morning.

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My train arrives at 5pm and I assume you will all still be climbing so I’m probably going to walk up from Betws-y-coed to the hut. Could you text me the code for the hut



I won’t be able to make the meet this weekend unfortunately. The car needs some work to it after this past weekend and the coming weekend is the only time I will have time to do it.
I will probably be in North Wales in the coming weeks though.

Hello Khalid

I’d like to come along just for Friday night / Saturday if that’s OK. It would be good to meet some of the new members, and some of them sound as though they enjoy climbing my grades. I’ll bring full rack and ropes and I’ll be travelling independently as I have to be somewhere else on Sunday.

Also, assuming there are still spaces and I can come, I’d ideally like a lift from somewhere in London. I’ll try to make it along to the wall this Wednesday evening as it might be easier to check with people in person than hope people reply here!

Hi @James_Gregory,

No worries about spaces I hope, I will allocate people to cars later in the week once everyone has announced their intentions to come. If the weather looks good, there’s often a last minute rush. Do come along on Wednesday; it’s a good idea to have a climb with us.

We must cancel. Sorry! Maybe next time.