New Members Meet 16-17th April

Hi all - A quick look at the NLMC calender suggests there is a new members meet on 16/17th April - is this going ahead? Who is organising and where are we planning to go - Peaks again?

Whatever the plan, I’m definitely free to come along and can bring lil’ Snuzy (my old lady car) so can take 1-2 other people with me.

Let me know if I’ve missed a thread on this topic already…!

H x

Yes, it is still going ahead, Holly. And thanks for starting a conversations about it. Martin is organising this meet, and he’ll be able to provide more details…

@bullopolis (Martin) … nudge nudge.

Hey guys…yo defo going ahead. Peak or Wales??? Choices choices…there seemed to be a feeling that as our club is focused on the cottage that we should hold them in North Wales. Feedback? Happy either way.

Good stuff Martin! I'm up for it, should be able to drive. Wonder if the Peak (or Portland) might be better given comparative earliness in April, avoiding mountain rain etc?


I may be able to make it, not sure yet.
Couple of thoughts, the Cottage offers the advantages of being ‘free’ and having the kitchen and facilities for a communal meal, there is plenty of climbing of all types to do even if the weather is bad. Also acts as an introduction to the cottage and barn, our club history and everything new members will get out of joining up.

Agree that it is really important to use the Cottage if possible. If the
weather looks terrible in the mountains it is always possible to make a
change during the week-of. We are notoriously flexible :wink:

I vote Wales… I’ve been to 2 new members meets and never stayed at the
cottage so I would be in favour of using it if we can!

Having said that - has anyone noticed that the proposed new members meet
dates (15-17th April) clashes with the BMC AGM (in the peaks)? I just got
an invite in my inbox and was going to suggest we organise a group of us to
go and combine with some climbing, but not really possible if there’s a
date clash unless we do 2 seperate trips?

Any thoughts?

Hi one and all. New members and old…calling all calling all…avengers assemble! :smiley: after huge demand and a little deliberation it’s decided…drum roll…THE NEW MEMBERS MEET WILL BE IN NORTH WALES!!! Yipeeee…we will sort lifts and bomb up there on Friday night…then awesome climbing in the awesome place that is the ogwen and Llanberis vaaalleeees! Then bomb back Sunday. SUPER EXCITED! More details to follow…GET CHITER CHATTERING X

Hi All,

I came along to a club meet yesterday at Mile End for the first time and had a great evening. I’d love to sign up for the trip, what do I need to do?



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Hello all,

I’d like to come too and finally get to meet everyone properly! Am I still in time to join? Unfortunately I don’t drive…will anyone be driving after 6 on the Friday?

Claudia xx

I’m planning to put in a rare appearance.

Glad it’s at the cottage, sure I could borrow the car and drive for the weekend if needed.

Lots of new members at the palm tree on Wednesday - Tom signed up already, Zoe, Josh and Dylan potentially all up for this too.

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And Bewick! Welcome all.

Hi guys…SUPER DOOPER NEWS…ALL WELCOME…ITS GONNA BE SWEEEEEEET!. Will be down mile end wed and can’t wait to meet you all. I’ll stuff down on lifts etc. NICE ONE!

Hi all, would love to come along so please keep me posted. I’m a newbie but have harness, helmet and boots so as long as there are people willing to lead and do some ways climbs would be great. I know the area well and therefore would also be happy to go walking one of the days.

Flipping sweet! Looking forward to seeing you all at the wall and the cottage!

I plan to be there.

Hi all - quick Q re the new members trip to wales, which guidebook would everyone recommend I get based on where we’re likely to go?

Might buy one before the trip.

Which ones does everyone else use?

Sounds like loads of people going so should be fun!

Re transport, I’ll be driving up Friday daytime and can take 2 extra people comfortably in my car (when I say ‘comfortably’… She’s a 2 door old-school Nissan micra with a small boot, dodgy radio and no air con/phone charging/cup holding capabilities… and a top speed of 70 miles an hour if we’re going downhill! So kind of depends on your definition of comfort… But we should all fit and she will get us there and back for about £70 in petrol?!)

Obviously just to be clear I’m allowed to be rude about her because she’s my car but obviously there are no lifts available for anyone who wants to diss my car, or question the fact that she is a she and her name is Snuzy. She’s just an old lady who loves climbing adventures.


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Do buy North Wales Rock from Ground Up. It contains only starred routes all of which are excellent (educated guess - I haven’t tried all of them yet).

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Hi all!

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t met any of you guys yet, but is it still possible to sign up for the trip to North Wales? I realise it’s about a week ago since this thread was last active. If so, what do I do?

Also, I’m hoping to find you in The Castle maybe on Monday night. Do I look for anything or anyone in particular?

I apologise for being this unorganised.

  • Anne