New Members Meet 14-15 September ki

Hi All!

Our next New Members Meet of the year is 14-15 September (or from 13th for the keen, like me). Here’s the lowdown for those who haven’t been before, sign-up sheet to follow.

Dates: 14-15 September 2019
Location: NLMC cottage near Betws y Coed, North Wales. Sleeping bag, towel etc needed. Free for members, £6 p/n for guests
Transport: car shares, most people drive up on Friday after work, some drive up Friday morning for maximum climbing pleasure. Then drive back to London Sunday eve
Food: communal meal Saturday evening, please bring your own food for all other meals. Depending on when you arrive on Friday, you can get dinner at the local pub. The cottage kitchen is fully equipped with fridge/cooker/microwave etc.

Roll up roll up! :partying_face:

NLMC New Members Sec

NB: if you are new to the club you will need to climb with us on a Monday evening at the Castle before the meet, so we can ensure minimum safety & skills are met.


Hello Holly,

for this meeting do i have to be associated with the club already?
I am a confident sport climber, but would like to progress to some trad, maybe seconding for start.

Hi - would love to join if that’s ok, likely from Fri. Gareth

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Hi @Tiago_Mendes - you don’t need to be a member to come to the New Members Meet, it’s a chance for you to see if you like us before joining :slight_smile:
Do you climb at the Castle? We meet every Monday evening, it would be good to meet you first.

Count me in :slight_smile:

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Yep, I’m in!

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Absolutely in and very excited! Bringing my swimsuit this time! :smile:

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Count me in, I have Friday off so heading up on the Thursday also works for me!

I’m in. Will try to get Friday off

In. Could probably take Friday off as well.

Hi!! Me and a friend of mine would like to come! Is there any registration to do?

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Hi Laura! (We chatted on facebook about the Peak trip I was organising a few weeks ago). There’s no need to become a member first; just pop your details in the spreadsheet, when you’re able to leave London, and we will sort the details out nearer the time.
It would be good to meet you both in advance - could you come to the Castle for one of our Monday evening meetups?

Spreadsheet here for signing up

Hi Holly!!

Yes I remember!

I have updated the Excell file, can you see it?

What time do you usually meet? I usually climb in Westway every Tuesday, there’s a chance we’ll meet there?

Let me know!

Many thanks


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We climb at the Castle on Mondays from around 6.30pm. I can’t do Tuesdays I’m afraid.

Getting horrid on the South Coast that weekend. I’m not even being allowed to go climbing…

If the weather in Scotland is crap, I’ll head down!


Hey Guys!

Looking forward to meeting you all. I have one doubt though. Which one is the exact location of the cottage?

It’s near Betws y Coed, all details will be confirmed nearer the time :slight_smile: There is a train station in that town if folk want that option.

Hi Holly,

I am not yet in the club. Wich days can I meet you at the castle? Only Mondays?