Mega awesome trip to dorset

Hi guys. So @johnw1 @dadler @Nigel_Allsopp @dabarlow @Catrin we are looking at going to dorset (probs swanage) First four confirmed with lift but Barlow might not have car. Catrin needs a lift. John can you drive? When we thinking going? Sat morn? Fri night? Stay in the swanage auberge bunkhouse. First four booked in.
Any other takers?
Let’s get this party started! :wink:

Friday night vs Saturday morning up to the drivers - both are fine for swanage. I think the tentative plan was to launch Friday night.

This coming weekend?

Yo. You interested? Got a car?

I’d definitely be keen, but no wheels unfortunately…

Hi folks. Just seeing if I can get the car. Will report back soon

Thanks John!

OK. I have transport. I can get an extra three in comfortably 4 at a pinch (its an estate). I’m happy to leave Friday if you like. I can pick up from Tufnell Park tube.

Oh yay if there is a lift then I would love to come along, thank you @johnw1. Also tuffnell park is very close to me. What time were you thinking? Have you guys already booked into the hostel? Should I add on extra bookings or does anyone want to camp instead? Who else is Coming apart from the original list? @dabarlow have you checked the forecast yet? It looks pretty sunny :wink:


Good to have you on aboard Catrin. I could leave any time after 6. The bunkhouse is only booked for sat night so far right Dave? I’m happy to camp at Friday night

Great news! I’m in.

I am interested in going too and have car.

I booked the bunkhouse for 4 for both Friday and Saturday night. I can amend/cancel it, but if cancelling should do so sooner rather than later. The other option is camping at Tom’s Field. Maybe we are all better off camping given it seems we are going to be a decent sized group now, with a few drivers so not so constrained by gear space? If anyone wants to go the bunkhouse route, please post, otherwise I will cancel it this evening.

Excellent, Peter - I guess we will sort all the transport once the numbers are settled, hopefully by this evening? Psyched we have such a crew going.

Bit late to the party, but I’m keen if there’s a lift going.

Peter and I are in, and we’ve 2 spaces from North London. @Catrin is definitely 1st in the queue if she hasn’t anyway sorted out transport because of the discussion in the Palm Tree last night. We also didn’t mind camping or hostel, but booking space even at the campsite would be sensible. Who knows the current plan?

On rides, I know Nigel is driving me and Martin from Moorgate, and it looks like John is driving Catrin and Johannes from Tuffnel Park, with Paul looking for a ride. On accommodation, Martin prefers bunkhouse (Swanage Auberge - where we are still booked in for four bunks). Camping is at Tom’s Field - I don’t know if they take reservations. Given that Martin prefers bunkhouse, I guess we will stick with that (although I was warned by proprietor they have boiler issue so only have one working shower - it is otherwise a really nice place run by an old Dorset climber). Anyway, that is all I know. I was hoping to climb at subluminal one day and dancing ledge/hedbury the other. Assuming everyone is sorted for gear or has coordinated with someone who is. Barlow/Harris - please provide direction as you see fit to this merry band.

Is it worth trying to combine cars? Or maybe too many. I’ll bring ropes rack and a 2 man tent so covered for any options.

@johnw1 my number is 07713 913092 if it’s easier to coordinate that way - so are we planning to leave tomorrow evening or Saturday morning?

I’ve emailed the bunk house to book spaces for Peter and myself. It seems a bit late to phone them up. We’re going to leave tomorrow night, from Enfield. We can pick anyone up from Oakwood tube if that would help.

The bunkhouse has confirmed my booking.