March 2/3 weekend peak meet

Hiya all. Peter, Guy, Matt and I were chatting about getting another begining of the year meet together. Thinking w/k march 2-3.
We are gonna check out the same bunkhouse near north lees campsite.
Drive up early doors saturday and bomb back sunday evening.

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Oopsie, wires crossed a bit. I can’t do that weekend as it’s my birthday and I will be lurking in the Brownswood on the 2nd a la Khalid most of the afternoon. Peter and I did think the 23rd/24th might be on though…

I will be depending on conditions at certain crags.

I am game. I only live 1h15m from there so probably make my own way there. I may even be travelling down from the north on the Friday and might be bold and camp out the Fri night :flushed: either way, don’t include me in transport plans just yet
I do have a silly amount of gear and ropes so if anyone is stuck for car space I could bring all my stuff and let people use it.

Isn’t 23rd-24th working meet? I can’t do anything that weekend as I’ve a friend visiting from the US, but probably best not to plan a climbing meet then :slight_smile:

Sorry meant 23rd/24th Feb!


I’m in Scotland so I’m out for that.

Will this trip be just bouldering?

I’ll just be bouldering,

Sergio - not if I am there

tempting, will check with the powers that be

I could probably do the 23rd/24th Feb weekend as well as the 2nd/3rd March one; that being the original plan, with the intention of including watching the Wales v England rugby game at 4.45pm in the Little John, Hathersage.

It seems like two meets are being suggested here - 2/3 March and 23/24 February.

Spreadsheet for both meets is here.

Please enter your names and details for the weekend(s) you would like to come.

Personally I can’t do 23/24 Feb, but can do 2/3 March.


@MattGee soz mate, we did indeed say 23rd but ive got an mri for my disney crease on 24th! Was perhaps hopefull you could hop into the march date. :pensive: another time hey. Will make my mark on the spreadsheet!

I cant make this in the end, Emma’s away so I’ve got home duties. Enjoy!

Cheers Guy. Added Ben Stasiuk to the 23rd/24th spreadsheet as I know he’s keen. He has a small car (and a ridiculous number of cams) but if we can all fit in Peter’s that seems more sensible. Would be nice to get one more for 4 people…!

I’m now considering joining on the Sunday as I could drive back down from Glasgow (staying with a friend) on Saturday, stop in the van on Saturday night and climb on Sunday. Will keep you all posted.

Then again it’s Man U vs Liverpool in a massive game in the title race on the 24th so probably not.

YHA Edale is currently £30 for two nights each over 22nd-24th. Could go up early Saturday and save some cash.

Hi guys , I’m giving some serious thought on going next week. At the moment there is only 3 people on the spreadsheet. Is there anyone else coming that is not there as it would be great to be in pairs. I don’t have rope or a rak. Let me know how things are and I’ll make a decision on going or not.

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