Lake district meet - 31 July/1 August

Hi all,

We will be uploading meets for what is left of the year shortly, but I wanted to flag this one now as the year being what it is I need to gauge interest and start booking campsites. It may be that they are all booked up in any event so no promises at this stage…

We haven’t had a lake district meet for ages (because it’s really far away and rains all the time?) but as the weather is guaranteed to be excellent there at the end of July I am putting this in. It is the summer holidays and everyone is stuck in the UK so it will of course be rammed, but I feel it is worth a punt.

Would be good to get a sense of how many people are interested? Climbing is great, lots of nice sandbags and nice pubs (obviously).

Will simultaneously explore camping options…



Sandbags to cope with the rain?



Im Nick and whilst I’m not a member yet. But I do hope to become one shortly once you restart accepting them and then if that was the case I would be game for 31/1 lakes

Look forward to meeting you all hopefully in the not to distant future.


I’m very interested. Weather permitting, my ideal scenario would be to climb on Sca Fell buttress and Great Gable, ideally staying at the Wasdale Head camp site. Another camping option would be Chapel House Farm in Borrowdale, which has overflow fields.
I’ll start preying for sun now!

Hi Nick,

Im trying to join as a member too. Frustratingly they’ve put new memberships on hold but no idea when this will change.

Have you heard anything more?

Regards, Matthew.


Weather dependent I am keen. Would be getting back into trad climbing so nothing hard for me but will have my pads with me too.

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I’m already in the lakes that weekend with Not So Trad, but would be great to meet up in the pub!

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I’d be interested to join as well!
any sport routes there?

There are some - there’s stuff at St Bees, at Chapel Head, on various bits of the Coniston slate, and there’s Bram Crag which I’m told is inordinately popular.

Having said that, it’s unlikely to be the best place to go for it, and since none of it is really up in the hills maybe misses the main attraction of the Lakes somewhat.

Having said that, I am currently in the lakes bouldering, about which many of the same critiques could be levelled, so it clearly takes all sorts!

There is some sport on the coast. Haven’t climbed it myself but apparently it is high quality.

Me and Jess are likely in

Super super keen! Very likely I can make it, and may have a Tom in tow :smiley:

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Obviously you don’t realise that a Tom is police slang for a prostitute.

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:rofl: I did not! But it’s absolutely made my day to know this :smirk:

Ok great looks like there are enough people to create a sign up sheet which I will do shortly.

A persistent issue with the lake district is that the campsites that you can book are all booked and the first come first served ones fill up super quickly.

E.g. the campsite at Wasdale head pub is pretty ideal for climbing the mountain crags, but a giant ball ache to get to from London before midnight if leaving after work. The alternative is the Langdale ones or Borrowdale as Peter suggests - bit of an arse to get to e.g. Sca Fell from there but more low down options and Sca Fell is rarely in condition.

Would people be able to get there a bit earlier on the Friday? I have the whole week off and can be at the campsite from the Friday morning to bag as many spaces as I can…


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I’d take the Friday off work for the lakes, but would want to wait for a look at the forecast before commiting to that. I’m very keen to get up on scafell at some point

Tom and I have the week off beforehand and are likely up that way. Good chance that either we both get there early on the Friday, or I can be dropped off if he has to get back for work

I’d be up for getting their earlier.

Ok great. I think there are enough of us to make it workeable.

Here is the sign up sheet:

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I’d probably only be there for saturday/sunday as I’m York based - day trip doable. I wouldn’t be committing to anything until a couple of days before once I’ve seen the forecast.

Have added a column for arrival time as campsite in borrowdale (which seems to have space) wants to know when we’d get there on the Friday.