Ice climbing trip

Anyone interested in an ice climbing trip to either the Alps or Norway this winter?

I’d love to go!

I’ve seconded Scottish routes up to V however have not led on ice, so I’ll require a patient belayer for some toproping or possibly an instructor for a day or two?

Also a very big yes from me, though have never done it so would need to only second, though could also go for an instructor for a couple of days. Also very much depends on when. I only have annual leave between xmas and new year, and then it starts again in Jan. I’ll keep an eye on when you decide to go and see if I can make it

Rjukan Norway is a good place to learn



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I’d love to join as well but would definitely need instruction!

I’d be potentially interested depending on dates etc. I have ice climbed before however it was quite a long time ago so would need those skills refreshed

I’ll start a WhatsApp chat for those interested.

For ease of logistics and usually favourable conditions we could look at cogne sometime in January?

I guess easy to book instruction for those who want it.

I am definitely interested in

Could those interested send me a WhatsApp message please




Is this number correct?

There’s too many 7s, should be 3 of them

I’m up for this too, pending dates and location. But keen to get some winter climbing done this coming winter, Scotland and/or ice in Europe

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I’ll be in Cairngorms 11-15th of March, can stay a bit longer if you’re coming

I’d be up for roundabout these dates

Hi Daniel, have you already organised something for these dates? I’d be interested in heading up to the Cairngorms then as well. Keen to up my Scottish winter grade this year!

The CIC hut (BenNevis) has some space last week of March

Count me in

@Karl, there are just two spaces on 15 March at the cic hut, shall I book? £26 pppn. More may become available for a second night and for others to join? Will coincide with Daniel’s visit, so it will make a van trip worth it.

@Daniel. Is 11-15 March confirmed? Are you up with others?

Have booked CIC for 15th March

I’ll be up in Scotland because I have an instructed course on those dates. I’m open for staying if there’s company. For instance, for the next weekend.