Ice climbing trip and Scotland winter trip

Hi all, anyone interested in some European ice climbing January or February time? I will be with a partner 18-28 February in cogne (Aosta) area, however if anyone wants to meet up before or possibly during that time, I’ll be keen to hear from you. Open to other areas subject to conditions though.

Also interested in 3-4 days mixed climbing on Ben Nevis staying ideally at the CIC hut. The hut is currently pretty booked up, however there are possibilities end of March. Flexibility is needed for this one as conditions will dictate.

I guess once we gauge the amount of interest, we can go from there? Happy to receive PM if people prefer



Hi Rich,

I’m definitely keen to do a Scotland trip in March, either staying at the CIC hut or other accommodation if we can’t manage booking or others would prefer greater flexibility with conditions or a different location.

I also have a free long weekend around Jan 20-23rd that I’m trying to figure out what to do with, if you’re in the Alps already then. I could get to Chamonix or somewhere in Switzerland fairly easily from Geneva Airport I think. Let me know if you’d potentially be interested.

I’m keen for some Cogne (or other) ice climbing, not so much for Scotland, unless we can be very flexible with dates somehow.

Also been thinking of organizing a trip to Rjukan possibly, fairly easy logistics from the UK, and super stable conditions (which can’t be said about the Alps right now).

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I’d be up for a winter climbing trip too! Especially if combined with some skiing! I’m hoping we get some colder weather and snow in the alps.

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I’d be very interested in either - I think my membership has lapsed as haven’t been out with you guys since the pandemic.

Interested in Scotland for a 4 night/5day trip with 3 days climbing, 2 days travel. Assuming it would be a drive to the alps with all that gear? Also, that may not be long enough to justify an alps trip?!

Don’t mind the slog up to the Ben from the car park so I’m easy with accommodation.

Due to child care commitments I can generally leave after 0900 Friday and return late Tuesday night or by Wednesday midday in the event of any unexpected delays.

As I’m new to winter climbing with you guys: Last Feb I seconded harder sections of Ben Nevis Minus 2 Gully at Scottish V 5 without much trouble (very good ice). Swung led the easier grade II/III neve sections. Also Stob Coire Nan Lochan in Glencoe, led SC Gully (II/III) on the right hand side to get the grade III icier bits - but I really need some more ice screw placement practice to lead on more sustained III/IV ice.

Had these available dates handy as other club also just trying to organise a Scotland trip:

Fri 20th - Tue 24th Jan
Fri 3rd - Tue 7th Feb
Thu 16th - Tue 21st Feb (4 nights max, pick a side of the weekend)
Fri 3rd - Tue 7th Mar
Fri 17th - Tue 21st Mar
Fri 31st Mar - Tue 4th Apr

Hi All, I’m also very keen to get some winter climbing in this year.

@Rich, I’m going to be free from Feb 10th - 21st, so would happily join you in/around Cogne the week preceeding the 18th. I’m also keen on Scotland at some point and can be relativley flexible on dates.

@Lada, do you have an idea of when you’d like to do a trip to Rjukan?

Hi nick and all who responded,

Thank for your emails.

What about cogne 10-18 feb ish? I can book accomodation once we get a confirmed number. We can then chat via WhatsApp on details and experience etc.

Agree we should keep Scotland flexible. I’m available pretty much anytime.



@Rich - Not sure if I’ll be able to make the Cogne trip as I can’t really leave home for more than a couple of days due to childcare commitments.

@Adam_Craig - I can probably manage to a trip up to Scotland on Friday, 20th to Tuesday 24th January if the conditions are good enough and you’re interested (as well as anyone else). It would seem make most sense to stay in a location where we have mobility between several areas depending on conditions/avalanche forecasts e.g. Fort William, Balliculish or Kingussie would all work.

In terms of ability, I’m just a slight step beyond all the gear and no idea. I did a couple of days with a guide last year learning basic skills and did Fiacall Ridge and some Grade II climbing in Coire an-t’Schnechda. I’ve also done a little bit of ice climbing in Canada a couple of years ago. Therefore I’d also be looking at doing stuff around Grade II-IV.

No problem Ian. We will probably put another call out for a Scottish trip closer to March.

Evening all.

Keen for a Scottish trip late March if all things align.

I have a cicerone guide winter climbs in the cairngorms going for free if anyone wants it - otherwise going to be donated to the charity shop.


I can take it off your hands, if nobody else has a more pressing need for it. Many thanks.

Sounds good, March should work for me. It would be helpful if we could figure out dates by around mid-February as I’ll need to sort out annual leave from work and family logistics.

Sure, I’m n79gt or can give it to you or someone at the castle - also have a few others - trying to have a clear out

Ridges of snowdonia

Probably some others

@Ross_Lanham Cool. I’ll send you a PM.

I’d be up for that.

Hi Ian, great trip thank you. I’m still out here, but have been looking at conditions in Scotland. They don’t look too good at the moment, but could improve of course. Shall we monitor and play it by ear?

We can make a firm decision in a few weeks?



Hi Rich. Just sent you a PM.

Hi, I’m keen to do some winter climbing in Scotland as well in the next month. Fingers crossed on conditions.