Home training thread and workout suggestions?


I’ve created this thread to see what minimal-ish kit home workout ideas people have and are trying out, either climbing or non-climbing related ones?

It’s too easy to go straight from bed->laptop->bed if we are all social distancing and working remotely for an extended period. Plus I don’t want to be more “weeble shaped” for when I can finally get back climbing as good I’m already too heavy.

I did this workout today in my back garden, which took less than 30 minutes and I quite enjoyed it. I did have the sandbag and rope already though :wink:

Five rounds of:

  • 5 x 50kg sandbag floor pickup, shoulder rest, full atg squat and return to floor

  • 2 minutes medium fast skipping - mixing up the footwork

Sounds like hard work, albeit not enormously climbing focused?

I started a thread on UKC, a fit club self isolation ideas thread, which had some thoughts in it. There’s also a lot on the lattice YouTube channel at the minute about home training.

I have a friend who has just bought everything he needs for a proper woodie, but I suspect that might be a minority option!

In terms of relevance to climbing, it’s hard to beat a fingerboard. In terms of bang per buck, a cheap TRX clone or better a set of gym rings if you have a high enough attachment point (if you can hang them out of a loft, for example, you can do all the possible variants on pull-ups as well) is pretty hard to beat given the amount of things you can do with them.

I’m quite glad over the years I’ve acquired a fairly varied set of things to play on. I feel they’ll likely come in handy!

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I have a finger board, pull up bar, and resistance bands. There’s a huge range of exercises using all these options, not just hanging. Lattice training had a good overview video the other day, climbing-specific. I’d say keeping finger/forearm strength up is my goal. And improving core.

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@ajmorris228 - Fair point on the climbing focus! I have also been using my Beastmaker as well to keep up on the climbing specific bits. Also have a pull up bar plus a wide variety of kettlebells.

Obviously good to stay in climbing shape, but reckon people will have more problems overall with the reduction in their mobility than you might expect especially if we go into full lockdown.

A couple of months with a lot more sitting down and sub thousand daily step count won’t exactly be great for your general health or fitness. Might help you drop leg weight for the climbing though! :joy:

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Oh and I’ve just ordered a skipping rope. That should get my step count up within a confined space (or garden ideally!)

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Good thread. Not very climbing-specific comment below.

Sandbag - second this as a great multipurpose bit of kit as you can do a lot with it eg (i) across shoulders / on a shoulder squats as per mark (ii) straddle across foreams for bicep curls (iii) dead lift with very effectively as well as various [snatch and grab] more dynamic movements.

Pull up bar - helping me tremendously rebuild some shoulder muscle. I don’t get on with many of them but this one I have - Aasta brand - perfect for smaller hands.

  • overhand pull ups
  • undernand pull -ups
  • also find hanging then slowly raising straight legs to horizontal giving good core workout

Swiss Ball - thousands of uses I reckon, as well as accommodating my ass when working from home. One arm instabliity press ups / rotations for example

TRX - haven’t got one - have used a fair bit and damn good - prob should order one.

Aside from that nothing that isn’t in a Rocky film somewhere I imagine :). Fingerboard ordered. Gym rings great shout. Vertical push-ups against a wall also helping recovery shoulders a lot and really recommend

Here’s my basic daily indoor at the mo lest anyone needs another starting point in the non-cardio arena. It’s not a lot and doesn’t take more than c 10-15 mins so acheivable every day, then I just do other bits and pieces when feel like it. For me if I know I can do a “core” set in a short period of time I’m likely to do it every day - because I have no discipline basically

Press-ups 1 set of X
Unweighted Squats 1 set of X
Vertical press-ups against wall 1 set of X
Pull-ups 3 sets of X
Bicep with 30kg bag 3 sets of X
Deadlift with sandbag 3 sets of X (Given this should be multiple of bodyweight my sandbag isn’t perfect but a start and it’s doing something)


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I’m a bit far off doing a commando/prison push-up at this point… Good going though!

You have time on your side methinks!

What about using Zoom (multiperson video conferencing) for a climing related remote session? I’ve been playing with the software for work this morning and it seems to be popular for sport too.

As a thought exercise if we had a yoga bunnie in our midst who wanted to lead a “Yoga for Climbers” 30 min session for example as a trial would that be something of interest? (It would this end)


well luddite that I am I cannot get photo in here… so let me try to describe - get a broom handle, drill hole in middle, attach string, attach weights to string - roll up, roll down. Simple and very good forearm work out. the weights can of course be anything! I like to roll both palm up and palm down to get all bit of the forearm working and control on the way down.

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hell yeah that is brilliant. I had this before I came to London but I totally didn’t think of just rebuilding it

Maybe one for @L_Pio

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We used Zoom for a 600+ person town hall at work yesterday. Works well.

Typical climber; at a time when everyone is learning to bake and cook, I repurposed my rolling pin…!


Getting on pretty well with the Beastmaker 1000 training app, only marginally failing at the end of their easiest “Beastly 5a” workout… :cry: It is surprisingly hard, wish they had named their workouts in a more abstract fashion rather than like pseudo grades, it would make me feel better!

also built mine. from a broomstick part.

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Bet that’s a 10kg weight isn’t it. Typical Austrian.

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I’ve been building myself an adjustable width crack to work on technique for different size jams, and playing with my latest toy… https://www.instagram.com/p/B-KkqBbjNnx/?igshid=1lukwcxzz5f2y

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Join in the nation’s children with daily live-streaming PE with Joe Wicks at 9am every day.
OK - the kids have thoroughly lost interest by day 3, but it’s kinda tough, and not the sort of exercise I normally do at all, which means it is great for adaptation.

I’ve now put up a fingerboard but have yet to have a proper play on it. I’m going for the long game - start very easy (once we get fully acquainted) and build up progressively, and be obsessive about good form. No point getting beast strong / injured if we have no realistic prospect of climbing outside for a couple of months.

So, what date should we all be working towards?

I would absolutely love to have a crack to practice on. Dream home training!

Be careful when mounting your beastmakers, folks