Font at Easter?

Hello team,
I see there’s a Font meet on the list for Easter. Is that going ahead? I’d be keen to join, and can help with the organising if a Paris delegate is needed.
Pip pip

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This is going ahead! I was just about to start a post!
The plan would be to see how many people want to join. I have already booked a gite (there may be a couple of places spare). If we see who is keen on coming we can book a big camping pitch at the campsite or people could group up and to see if they could book a gite.

First thing is who is interested in coming? We already have our family, Max’s family, Che, Duc, Ian lau and some non-NLMC people who are staying from the sat 31st - 7th April. We can book the campsite from the friday for poeple looking to do the long weekend. It will be half term so it will be ideal for families (and some people with kids are already lined up).
Who is interested?

Count me in. Happy to camp. @Miguel_Aguirre what say you?

Great! Sorry for pre-empting your post Fran :slight_smile: Count me in, although unfortunately I will only be able to arrive on Friday evening.

I’m already out with my family and some other families (non-nlmc) staying in Noisy sur ecole on similar dates - ferries out good Friday and back Sunday 8th April

I’m interested!

I’m keen! Is anyone likely to have a spare space in their car? :slight_smile:

I’m keen, happy to camp or join in on another gite booking!

I am going to be down in font from 22nd march to Easter Monday. It would be
good to meet up with people from the club then!



I’m going to be in Font at Easter and also very keen to meet some other members. I will be down 28th-3rd and staying at La Musardiere campsite.

I am travelling down in my van with my girlfriend so will have 2 spare spots. It isn’t the fastest vehicle around ('82 VW), but the ride is comfortable and there will be plenty of room for gear/mats.

I’m crossing Newhaven-Dieppe:

Wed 28 March 2018 @ 10:00
Tue 03 April 2018 @ 18:30

I paid £75 ea return for the crossing, and a share of the petrol would be about £50.

If you want to join I think i need to add passengers to my booking, and this is likely to be much more expensive closer to the date! So please get in touch soon if you would like to join.


@L_Pio and I are also keen to join.

The bigger clan are also planning to head down, camping at la musardier.
Any other families / kids going (would be nice if kids went off and
bouldered with other people, rather than constantly showing me up), Lucy

We’re thinking about it…

I’ve stayed at Les Pres before (south of the forest) and it was pretty decent. Looks a bit quieter than La Musardier so was thinking of heading there again.

I have enquired about booking at Camping les pres for 20 people. I am awaiting a response.

I will be staying at that campsite, hope to see people there!

Fantastic, they have replied and we are through the door. If you would like one of these places please can you shout out! It is limited to 20 spaces.

Hi Fran, I’d like a spot please - but only arriving Friday night because I
have to work on Friday.

Yes please! Include us in. We will have a campervan (no electric hook-up
needed) so should be the same as a pitch. Cheers Lucy

What dates are the 20 spots for? Me and my group will be arriving on Thursday morning.