Font at Easter?


George and Lucy that is great. I’ve made a note.
Tom, the booking is Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April. We have had no problems with extending stays in the past if people would like to stay longer. The bank holiday weekend is normally very busy


Left the booking of the shuttle a bit late, so unless anyone else has two spaces, think @L_Pio and I will go somewhere in the UK - maybe Cornwall or Pembroke.


Hi all,
I’m going to be coming down to the campsite from Paris on the train. Is there a chance of jumping in someone’s car over the weekend when we head out to the forest, or is everyone totally full?




Nearly time folks. I’m staying optimistic about the weather :slight_smile:

How are we going to sort logistics like venue & lifts? Post to this thread or is it worth trying to do a Whatsapp group?


I’m going to pm you


We can have what’s app but I think we should also post to a thread in case


The campsite contacted me. I have confirmed booking for Lucy’s family in their camping van. They have your name now Lucy. I cancelled the other spaces. I’ll make a new Font communication thread for plans where we can meet on Fri.