Ecrins Sport / Multi-pitch / Mountaineering 8-Jul-17 to 15-Jul-17

This is the club trip of the year with something for everyone. Now is the time to get organising the party and booking transport. I have had a few solid expressions of interest. If you’re thinking of coming along, reply to this thread.

Exact flights will be sorted once I know who’s in and any limitations on availability etc. Looking to fly to Turin and hire cars from there. We’ll be camping at Ailefroide.

From the campsite there’s lots of granite multi-pitch sport within easy reach (from 5 mins walk in). Thinking of warming up on some of these routes then progressing to some summer alpinism: maybe spending a night or two in alpine huts.

The following website was some good info on routes.

This trip will suit anyone with an interest in climbing. There’s a range of activities to suit all. Reply here with your expressions of interest, questions, anecdotes, blah blah.

Valerie ans I intend to be there.

I’ll be keen for some or all of those days

Alas, Laura and I will be in Peru. However, I recommend the Aiguille Dibona, as I’m sure will @owrehleeoh.

Good to hear you are interested @Haszko and @andrew.

No worries John but thanks for the tip. It looks like there might be a grinch hiding up there! Amazing looking and certainly a target! I heard the climbing is pretty good too.

I’m afraid Naomi and I won’t be able to come either but I offer another vote for the Dibona. There are a couple of eminently possible routes up it (plus a load of desperates as well, should that be your preference).

Would love to climb on Dibona, but before you get your hopes up too much I think it’s relatively inaccessible from Ailfroide. La Berade is a better valley base for this one, but not as good a base overall.

Here is the page on the high-altitude routes

And valley cragging

Here are some pics to get everyone inspired.

Here is the Dome de Neige and Barre des Ecrins. The only 4000m peak in the Dauphine Alps so tends to be a honeypot.

This is the N couloir on the Barre - classic one for 2 axes if you want to step it up from snow plodding.

Here is the Draye, one of the huge multipitch slabs that dominate the valley campsite, with routes from about 4a upwards.,

Talking of campsites, it’s rather pleasant!

And here is Mt Pelvoux - the Draye is at the foot of this but it doesn’t look it as so foreshortened in the shot above. A beautiful peak which can be done as a classic traverse at PD+

Hi all, amazing pics! I’d like to come along.


Hi all, I’d like to come. Hopefully for the full week.


Is anyone thinking of going for slightly less than the full week - e.g. coming back late Friday or Saturday?


@Max_A I was possibly thinking about just coming for the long weekend on the back end of the trip. @dadler seemed interested as well

@Max_A It would probably work slightly better for me to come back late Friday/early Saturday, so I could do that as well if it makes things easier.

@Max_A Most likely - maybe 4 or 5 days

Hi folks. Max and I have booked the following Ryanair flights.

8-Jul FR 464 London Stansted - Turin 06:45-09:50
15-Jul FR 465 Turin - London Stansted 10:15-11:15

We upgraded to get 20Kg baggage allowance so should be comfortable for getting gear there.

So now’s a good time to get booking. I will book a car in the next few days. We’re looking for sharers. If you want in, let me know.

What dates are everyone else coming for??

Hey folks, I want to organise cars and climbing partners etc. Who’s up for this trip? Looks like there is solid interest for a long weekend for some. If so I recommend the first weekend as the 2nd is French holidays.

I’ve had a work trip come up during that time so I’m out :frowning:

I’m still keen to go but I’m looking for a climbing partner. Anyone?

I could just do the weekend too but preferably the second.

I know that @dadler is interested. Perhaps you guys will team up? It’d be cool to have you come along.