Ecrins Sport / Multi-pitch / Mountaineering 8-Jul-17 to 15-Jul-17


@johnw1 - any update - are you able to join us?


just sorting out flights but will get our own car.


Okay Alex and I are on board! We will be arriving late Friday night. Got cheap flight to Milan in the end. Going back Tues pm.


Excellent news @johnw1. Max and I will be at Mile End this evening for planning purposes.



We found return flights for £66 plus £30 baggage.
18.35 from Luton to Milan on Friday 7 th returning Tues 11 th 22.00 from Milan.
We will be driving from Milan and could get an extra 2 people in if anyone is interested.


I could come out for the second weekend - haven’t been able to climb much of late (distracted with changing jobs unfortunately), but now that’s sorted - recently resumed training and out in Cham this weekend, and will be probably ok to second on some of the easier stuff - that is, if there’s anyone who might suit leading with me?
[No pressure either way]


Here is my number so you can find us at the campsite. +44 7969161682
I.ll bring those crampons @khalidqasrawi


Cheers John, I’ll PM you my number

The campsite is vast, 17Ha. It tends to be too hot out in the open but have found the area behind the reception, under the trees is nice and well located (loos and ping pong table!)

Approx here (you’ll have to turn on satellite view):°53’04.7"N+6°26’58.0"E/@44.8846538,6.447258,1052m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d44.88465!4d6.449452?hl=en


Hi Andrew,

Currently not looking like anyone around for the second weekend - John is there til Tuesday and we are flying early Saturday.


No worries Max - I’ll have a cheeky look if I can come the weekend before


Hi chaps. I need some advice on ropes for the multi pitch routes. Alex and I have a 50m single and a 60m half between us. I was thinking of climbing on the single and trailing the half for abseils or should we just get another half and climb with two halves. What do you think?


How about climbing on the single and the half together anyway?


Hi @andrew. Great to hear that you are thinking of coming. John is coming out with a climbing partner already so will be two pairs. Ideally, you’d need to find a climbing partner too as I suspect that 3 on a rope might be too slow on the multi-pitch routes. I’m sure there’s one or two lurkers out there ready to make a decision…


Hi @khalidqasrawi, cheers for that - was in Cham last weekend, so only checking flights now - sadly they’re a bit pricey to just come out for the weekend now. A little unfortunate timing on my part (snowed under with non climbing chores of late), as the Ecrins has been on my list for some time - will see if I can head out later in summer however. Enjoy the trip!


@khalidqasrawi and @Max_A have a great time. Unfortunately I won’t be joining this trip, but look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories when you get back. Cheers, Toby


Great trip. We should look to get out there again, beautiful spot that really has got something for everyone - amenable multi-pitches, harder single pitch sport, bouldering and great alpine routes from beginner upwards.

Here are a couple of photos


Alex and John won best camping set up


Max made the best camp fire!