Easter weekend 2018 - non Font people


Weather looks pretty grim most places. Was hoping to go to Pembroke, but seems like it might be constant rain. So, I’m probably going to head to the cottage. It looks as if Gogarth/Holyhead will be dry on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll probably head up on Friday, returning Monday, and I’ve potentially got a couple of spaces in my car.


I’m keen.

Agree the weather is a shambles. (Plus side: if leaving Friday, I don’t have to take a train back to Cambridge from London on Thursday evening and then drive directly to Pembroke.)

Also, I should be a fully paid up NLMC member by the weekend. Driving from Cambridge: in the unlikely event that anyone wants a lift from my part of the world, I have a spare seat in the front of the Kangoo.

Am also happy to go elsewhere if the weather forecast improves.


@Peter, @Tim, and @hannahlee15 may be there too depending on weather/injuries. We are contemplating NW Scotland but will only go if the forecast is bang on.

Forecasts I’m looking at (Met office) suggests tremadog and Holyhead climable Fri, Sat, Sun, Monday (if a little chilly). I’d be aiming to climb/boulder all four days. May well have spaces in my car depending what plan Peter and I hatch.


hi Paul i’m membership sec, i haven’t had your application form yet and it takes a few days as we have to contact supporting members and sort things out with the BMC database. I’m going to France on Friday. Please can you submit as soon as possible so we can get you signed up by the weekend. thanks


Hi Guy and others,

I know that David, Dave, Hugh, Catrins and me are also keen to stay in UK and go climbing or up to Scotland :wink:

Let’s plan together :wink:



I am planning on heading to the cottage for Easter too, likely to drive up from Enfield either very late on Thursday or early on Friday :slight_smile:

I think @MattGee plus 2 will be there too. Sounds like we could have ourselves a good turnout. Whoop!


My finger is unhappy so it would be best to assume I’m not climbing this weekend :sob:


Can I be a “60% likelihood”?
Travelling alone as I will be visiting family in the north-east of England Thu-Sat then hopefully drive over Sat night or possibly even Sunday morning (in the latter case maybe meet people directly at Holyhead)
Happy for climbing or plodding up hills. Would stay till Monday.
I will be keeping an eye on the weather though and keeping options open to bail (given that nobody is relying on my presence, I hope this is reasonable?)

(I have space for one passenger but given that I am driving from Co. Durham and returning to Loughborough I assume this is not likely to be helpful to anyone!)


I am hoping to climb over the Easter weekend too – weather permitting!





Guy and I have decided to bin Scotland and provisionally head to the cottage on Thursday after work, probably in my car, departing Oakwood tube at 6.30pm. I will have two further spaces available. We will keep an eye on the forecast over the next day or two though.




I’m up for North Wales if Holyhead remains dryish looking. No car so lift would be good Peter.


I am up as well. Please count me in.



As guy said, I’m in! Anyone else looking for a climbing partner? Will be driving up from Angel late on Thurs if anyone else needs a lift.


Sure thing Hugh


I’m planning to get to Snowdonia early-mid afternoon on Friday, will probably then go bouldering or scrambling. Hoping to route climb Saturday, Sunday and Monday - anyone need a partner, let me know!


I was also thinking Pembroke but not the best weather! Will probably be buzzing about N Wales and may be after a partner, depending if the weather puts off the people i am currently arranging with!


Tide times at Holyhead for info:

Friday: 09:36 H 5.7m; 15:48 L 0.5m; 22:06 H 5.6m
Saturday: 10:18 H 5.9m; 16:30 L 0.4m; 22:42 H 5.7m
Sunday: 11:00 H 5.8m; 17:06 L 0.3m; 23:18 H 5.6m
Monday: 11:30 H 5.7m; 17:36 L 0.5m; 23:54 H 5.5m




If I am reading that correct, it isn’t great, as Low Tide appears to be late afternoon, so we will be restricted to non-tidal climbing for much of the day.





Afternoon (in general) is best on the main cliff side as it gives grease time to clear. Depends where exactly you’re going I guess.


Most of gogarth is non tidal or has high tide starts. Only the stuff off the sea level traverse will really be affected - and not sure the weather is good enough that i would have that level of commitment this weekend! :slight_smile:

Things like gogarth itself, resolution direct, and all the upper tier will be fine, as will starting from the ledges on castell helen. Some of wen zawn has high tide starts too.