Easter weekend 2018 - non Font people


Though main cliff will be in the shade and cold most of the day given it’s not April yet…


Everywhere will be cold this weekend @dabarlow! I am keen to climb friday and sunday though 07812140527. Don’t mind where or what grade!


I think give the forecast I’m going to bin it and face the 6th birthday sleepover at home instead… Hopefully this guarantees everyone else great weather!


Scottish winter is going to be really good at this time of year


Yeah i was tempted.


Why are we not all going to Scotland again?


Catrin has a point…


Hello all, I am a prospective new member to the club. Moving down to London full time in august, currently working here part time.

Keen to get up to NW this long weekend - Tim do you still have space tonight from Angel?

I am 26, keen climber and runner.

All the best,



Don’t tempt me! The weather is much better yes, but it’s also a 12 hour drive and we don’t have the drivers to share driving I don’t think. It would be too punishing!

Anyway I’m going to arrange a trip to Skye for the second May bank holiday and a few days before to make myself feel less bad for not pulling up my bootstraps and driving though the night! Want to hit the sea cliffs in the northwest. Will post something about it in due course.



Hi Tim, is this still a possibility?



Hi Guy, it is a long drive with only one driver just to get to Fort William! Although the ridge is in good winter condition right now and I’d be tempted if I was free.

There’ll be the annual Skye/Scotland road trip meet in late May, Richard Y and I are definitely going, others are interested. I will be posting about that later today.

Have a good weekend wherever you all go


Sorted now Tim - have a good weekend!


Our PM.


The weather has improved so I’m jumping in the car now and going to try and boulder late afternoon/early evening. Idwal Cottage area currently looking likely - hit me up if you want to join: 07540 248205


How is that North Wales weather looking right now? My desire to head over is currently diminishing to a low level; if anything I would probably come on Sunday and not in any rush. But if people convince me that it’s glorious then I’ll try to make an early start! Thanks


Got 7 pitches done at tremadog yesterday- hope everyone is enjoying wales!


Well worth the ten hour round trip!


Just seen your logbook notes for King Bee Crack Paul, good effort mate!!


Nice one. A great route.


It’s pretty scary if you forget to put any gear in. Big thanks to JT for talking me through the downclimb and emergency protection placement! I was absolutely bricking it.