Easter climbing Pembroke

Hey all, there’s a bunch of CC climbers, my (returning to climbing post fracture) self, Liz Fowler, and a few others going to Pembroke (camping) over Easter. Lifts on offer - wouldn’t mind someone to climb with who’s hoping to stay below E1 too (ha, probably the wrong club to ask for that :wink:

Respond if interested - 3 seats on offer.



Hi, busy Friday/Saturday daytime, but could well be tempted for the Sunday/Monday (and potentially staying longer), am definitely climbing well below E1, but would be driving from Gloucestershire in the van.

Alternatively was thinking Wye valley day trip…is scorchio down here today.

Hi all

There is a range west briefing friday morning and if you go to that, lots
of good lower grade climbing with the added excitement of being on a live
firing range!

I’m driving from near telford/welsh border so not much good for lifts!


I could be interested and am in your grade range.

07793 365975

I would be driving from London if anyone interested …

Be good to see you matt!

I’d be keen if I can get a lift from London!

I mostly have experience with sport but can be a decent second :slight_smile:

It’s been a long while Liz - be good to catch up :grinning:

Awesome - more interested than expected!

I’m open to splitting the driving, or perhaps those from London can pool - @hannahlee15, happy to take you (I might not be down for the full 4 days - have some work/study to do - either I take a break down there (in the pub/sun, ha) or come back a day or two early (somewhat flexible).

As tempting as Wye Valley is - am catching up with an old climbing buddy in Pembroke. Breifing might be worthwhile too…

@andrew thanks so much! And yes would be completely fine with coming back a day or two early, up to you!

Just spoke to @matthewtaylor current thinking is to avoid the Thursday eve traffic and set off early Friday morning. @chizharward Matthew also suggested heading to Wye Valley for Friday (only 2-3 hours drive in the morning) and then head to Pembroke in the evening.

Depending on weather forecast this may change, and of course, if it’s super sunny, we may get a few more interested parties. Looks like both myself and Matthew will drive, but I might leave my car in London.

Wye valley Friday - what do you think guys?

I’m free on the Friday so Wye would be good then for me. It’s been dry down here for couple of weeks so should be in good nick. It’s an easy drive, possibly the closest crag to London.

For those that don’t know Shorn Cliff it’s a cracking limestone trad crag, loads of excellent routes from HS into the Es and a cracking setting. Easy walk in through the woods, 25m routes with tree belays (equipped). The leaves are just coming out so still sunny, and you belay overlooking the ruins of Tintern Abbey with the Wye meandering through the wooded valley… Southwest facing so get a full day, although you can of course make your second climb Tigers Don’t Cry in the dark…

Meet in Tintern car park? I’ll have two halves and full rack if needed.

It’s my daughter’s birthday on the Saturday so busy then, but may well be able to get to Pembroke Sunday morning and can stay on a couple of days if anyone has time off.

My number is 07881486837

Pembroke goers where are you headed?
North or south?
I was thinking south (and i will be going to the briefing friday am - this
also gives access to many many easier routes on range west) but there is
talk of north by friends of the chap i was giving a lift to …


Is there a still a spot going up to Pembroke (via Wye valley or wherever) from London this weekend? Are you planning on staying for the whole 4 days?


Yep, i am going Friday morning via the Wye. Come back Monday but maybe leaving at lunchtime in anticipation of bank holiday traffic jams. You want a lift?

Hey @Catrin! :slight_smile:
So far the not at all complicated logistics are:
Andrew and hannah driving to north pembroke on friday am possibly via wye and chiz, to climb with a chap called spencer and other friends. Meanwhile i will have driven to bosherston, where i will go to the briefing and climb with spencer friday before he goes back north. Matt will also drive friday am via wye, then to bosherston for sat, sun, to climb with me, or if we will be an odd number another chap called pete wants to come along too but i haven’t confirmed with him yet until know numbers. I was planning to join some other friends andrew and a different pete on monday in n pembroke. So choice is north or south! :slight_smile: not at all confusing ;-p

As suggested in the Yorkshire meet thread, I’d like to join you guys in Pembroke instead :slight_smile:

Yeah i would love a lift please Matthew - hopefully it will all work out with partners in that case?


I am intending on driving to Pembroke this weekend too now, as the sun appears to have changed its allegiances from Yorkshire! I am planning to depart Enfield / Oakwood area on Thurs night, returning Mon eve. My preference is to stay in Bosherston in Pembroke South, possibly to attend the Friday Range West briefing, but a trip to North Pembroke is not out of the question. Would anyone like a lift?