Devon Trip - 4/5 August


Hi Everyone

We have more people interested in coming on the trip than we currently have cars. Leaving London, we have the following spaces:

@Manchi/@Tim_McD car: 2 spaces
@dabarlow car: 3 spaces
I’ll leave folks to arrange who can travel with who, based on departure locations etc.
Drivers - can you let me know when you have a full car?

Other options might include hiring a car - a quick look on shows you can pick up a car for the weekend from Heathrow for about £50/£60 (pickup at 4pm Friday/drop off before Monday 10am). If folks do decide to do this, please let me know and I will make sure you have a campsite spot.

At the moment, I will book campsite spaces for the following people:
@Manchi, @Tim_McD +2 more
@dabarlow, +3 more
@guyarnold, @bullopolis, +Naomi, @Catrin
mhobby1979, jo_keogh, @ian

We have to pay upfront, so if your plans have changed, let me know so we don’t pay unnecessarily.

Martin - I rang up Upton Farm today and they’re awaiting final numbers from us by end of the week. They didn’t mention anything about late arrival times but will give them a call tomorrow again to check - given the amount of business we are bringing, lets hope they will bend the rules on this instance! :slight_smile: wIll feedback tomorrow …



Hi Matt - would be great if you can join us.

We’re a little low on cars at the moment but if you’re looking to come for the weekend, then Jo and i could pick you up - from the Met Office/Honiton Park & Ride? From recollection, there’s a pub there to wait at?



Hi Matt,

Sounds great!- somewhere like that would probably be good though I’ll let you know once I’ve worked out where I’m likely to be.




I’m interested in going too, weekend only; have 3 spaces in my car, leaving from Oakwood tube.


@Tim_McD , @Manchi we have never met but would you mind if I take one of your spaces? I think @vittoria_camisassi doesn’t have a lift yet and she might be interested in the other space. Thanks in advance Sergio


@Mark_W looks like I’m going to go to Portland on Thursday night with @Tutu now to break up the drive. Drawbacks of only having one spare seat in the Kangoo - but I’m sure we can source you a lift?

Perhaps @khalidqasrawi or @dabarlow can ride to the rescue?


Hi folks / Matt. Imelda and I are planning to come. Matt, please can you add us 2 to the booking please. We’ll probably going there early and coming back after the meet so unlikely to be able to offer lifts but I will let you know if our plans change.


Cheers Paul, thanks for the update on your plans. I messaged @dabarlow about a spot in his car, so fingers crossed I can get something sorted.


The essential for the trip!


It is a beauty.

That, 10 chalkbags, half a dozen pairs of shoes and an inflatable kayak and my summer is sorted!


Sorry @Sergio_m_a_c & @vittoria_camisassi @Mark_W our car is now full.

@mhobby1979: we’re checking with a friend (Andrea) who might want the 3rd space in our car, and @Pauline - who was the first person to contact us - has nabbed the 4th place in our car. We’ll let you know if anything changes.



Hi @Manchi,

Thank you very much for your reply.

We’ll try and sort out a lift then,

We’ll see you there

Kind regards



@jrtomlins I now have photocopied and covered in plastic the MMT info from the latest guidebook, though since there’s been a rockfall at the Blue Grotto it’s not clear what happens at that point.


Hi Matt,

Can you please add me to the campsite booking.

If I can’t sort out a lift I’ll rent a car.

Kind regards



@dabarlow I thought the original option of swimming to the promontory was still available?

It’s been bird banned since the rockfall so you could be one of the first explorers! The bridging across the cave walls was quite exciting so I do hope that’s still survived.

It looked like a lot of the fall was from higher up, so the cave might be intact, although the water depth will be a bit of an unknown.


Swimming is always an option!


@mhobby1979: just confirming that Andrea is definitely joining us in our car. Thanks for organising!


Hi all,

I was at Mile End for the first time yesterday where I met some really great people from the club. Chatting around the trip to Devon, and please bear with me as I’m a newbie at this, I realised I didn’t had anyone to climb with. @bullopolis suggested me to do some sport climbing but it appears there is not too many routes near our campsite, but I’m not that confident leading yet. I can climb VS HVS ( very easy 6A ). Do you think there will be the opportunity for me to second someone ? At the moment considering if this is a good trip for me to make it the first one outdoors.

Sorry for the long post

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.




@Sergio_m_a_c you beat me to it!

Added columns for experience level and goals to the Excel sheet.

After chatting with Martin and David last night it might make sense for the less experienced people to look at fitting in some sport climbing or trad seconding.

Any suggestions on bolted venues in Devon, wasn’t sure how much of Berry Head Quarry was bolted or if it would make sense to go a bit further i.e. the cuttings in Portland?

Guessing we would need a mix of 5-6b grades so that rules out a couple I have found on UKC:


Hi everyone,

I’m also interested in coming - I’ve got a half rack and two 60m ropes but haven’t lead outside in a while so will be doing easy stuff probably.

I’ve got a car and can pick people up from a train station somewhere in SW London. I’ll be driving from Reading so either Hatton Cross (coming in via the M4) or Sunbury (going out via the M3) is probably best.