Devon Trip - 4/5 August


Hi, I’m keen for the weekend. Would need a lift!


I’m planning to come along to this one and Chiz, hopefully I’ll be able to extend the weekend a little bit too.


I’m up for Devon in august, could probably do Thu eve to Sun or even Mon eve but no more than 4 days in total…


@mhobby1979 where are you thinking to camp?


Hey, I’m new to the club

I’m definitely interested in going.

Will there be some mixed grades? I’ve only now started to do some lead climbing in the wall.

Also could use a lift if possible.

Kind regards


Is anyone likely to be getting on any of the “bigger” dws? (I mainly mean rainbow bridge and the straight up stuff around/off it -

Done magical mystery tour before and very keen to get on it’s bigger sibling…


@bullopolis for camping we’re not sure on places so if there are suggestions let us know but here:

@Sergio_m_a_c Welcome! there will be a mix of grades yes and we’ll start coordinating lifts nearer the time. I’m currently on a train otherwise I’d share a Google sheet I’ve made so we know who is coming and who needs a lift!

Woop woop


@ajmorris228 I know @guyarnold and @PaulSagar will be keen to join you on this.


Excited already :slight_smile:


Its gonna be great. We have bagged spaces with Guy . We’ll look at camping options. :smiley::+1:


@bullopolis - have you stayed round this area before? any suggestions?
Jo found this places which looks nice: but tbh, happy to take your advice if you know better?
we’ll create a shared google spreadsheet and send the link round here later today, with the intention of booking a campsite at the end of next week (its the school holidays, so we don’t want to leave it too late for fear of places being booked up


Hi Everyone - I’ve created a spreadsheet that everyone can see here. It includes everyone on this thread who has said they are interested. Please feel free to add yourself to the sheet if you’re not on it (I’ll use this to book the campsite at the end of the week)

@chizharward - I assume you’re self sufficient transport wise and heading down from Shropshire way?
@jrtomlins - will you be driving? do you have any space for other people?
@guyarnold - you’re taking Martin & Naomi, right? do you have any more space or are you now full?

Any other folks with cars?


Hi Paul, hope Ecrin is going well. Could I nab the spot in your van for the Devon trip if you are heading out Fri afternoon/evening?


Possible, but at present my friend Shaun may be visiting from Sweden and so we might go to Portland before meeting club people in Devon - I’ll keep you posted.


@mhobby1979. How do mate. Soz if i led you astray! I dont know anything about that neck of the woods. Jo’s suggestion looks awesome.
@guyarnold happy for me to book a few spots?
Will look into it.
DWS looks a bit worrying!


I’m in! I’ve added myself to the spreadsheet. :slight_smile:


Great, awesome that loads of people want to come on this trip but we currently have a lack of drivers and cars. If anyone is coming with a car then please put your name down on the sheet at ?


Hi Matt, yes will be self propelled in van, two seats available from Stroud, may stay longer. Don’t really know campsites around there as always wild camped or stayed with family, they do get busy though. Know Dartmoor pretty well if anyone up for a day on the moor climbing/bouldering


Hi everyone. Anyone tried to book yet? Upton park dont want anyone rockin up after ten. Any other suggestions for a chilled camp? Emailed lower terawhiti farm who seem more relaxed on arrival times. Although a bit away from brixham/ berry head. Is this the likely venue?


Hi all,

I’m relatively new to the club as well and would also be keen to join. As it happens I’m in Exeter for 2 months over the summer so I may be ok without the camping depending on where we plan to go!