Cornwall Solstice Meet 23/24 June


Weather looks perfect. Food for the BBQ , please work out with your driver when it’s going to be purchased but as it’s pretty warm, I suggest, after climbing on Saturday afternoon. It’s helpful if you’re not having to do a supermarket shop en route tomorrow so take breakfast and lunch stuff ready. Sometimes there are pasties in the shop. :wink:

We are in the top field as usual. After the gate, turn right into the field and we put up our tents along that hedge. Apparently there is a caravan nearest the entrance so let’s fill up from the far end. Park cars in front of the tents. We’ll be arriving very late so minimise the disturbance e.g… car door slams and car headlights on slumberer’s tents.

See you all at Treen late tomorrow evening. Drivers, please organise pickup locations and times. The plan is:-:-

@toby, west London, Friday afternoon

@dabarlow, Crux owners + bbq
@Peter, Oakwood, 3 spaces

@guyarnold, Shoreditch

@Manchi, Finsbury Park, after work
@Lukas & Rebecca

@g_e_howell, Cambridge, staying the week

@PaulSagar, in van, after day in Portland

@jo_keogh, coming from York, your van is reserved


Hi all,

I caught a nasty cold/flu and feel knackered. Don’t think we’ll be able to join you tomorrow. It’s super annoying, but I hope you have a great trip!

All best,


Thanks for letting us know @Lukas.

@jobangles, you could move to @Manchi for more room. :wink:


@jrtomlins, @L_Pio meet at Hounslow West tube station at 4:30 pm. Is that ok with you?


@Lukas just checking that Rebecca’s not going as well?

Looks like @L_Pio will need to come in our car as she can’t make the pickup time for @toby


If anyone else can get away a bit earlier tomorrow, it looks like I have plenty of space in my car. @jobangles @khalidqasrawi. ?


Happy to leave earlier and join your crew @toby


Great! Hounslow West tube at 4:30pm ok with you?


Hi @Tim_McD,
Rebecca is not coming either. She is not leading trad yet. Will both join the next trip. Have fun!


Thanks for confirming, Lukas.


Manchi & Tim


Hi Toby. Maybe I can get away early. I’ll let you know at lunch time. Who are John and Laura going with?


Mega. Get well soon!


@khalidqasrawi @toby we’re heading up with Tim and Manchi now.


Yes, let me know. You have my mobile number? I am not sure who JT and Laura are going with… Maybe Tim and Manchi?


David just mentioned, it’s a good idea to bring a duvet jacket. It’ll probably be a bit chilly on the beach tomorrow. :wink:


More to follow in due course. But here is part of the reason why Guy and I were an hour late. It’s a long story. Best told in person, over a beer. See you all Wednesday. Until then - what a great trip!


Before tongues start wagging… that is not you and guy in your pants is it?


The tale they told in the pub was that it is the party ahead of them, but we have no third party proof…



Besides, no way Paul and I could pull off retreating from a route in our pants with such nonchalance