Cornwall Solstice Meet 23/24 June


Also going to Cornwall.

Leaving shoreditch Friday eve back Sunday eve. Three spaces (two of which are quite uncomfortable for the tall).



Welcome @Lukas. This is a great trip to get to know people. Just so you know the score, I’ll probably organise lifts on the Thursday before the weekend so don’t worry about having to claim seat’s in someone’s car. Also, it often looks as if there aren’t too many cars going but always, it seems to play out okay. Shout if there’s anything you need to know.


Great, many thanks @khalidqasrawi.
Looking forward!


@L_Pio and I are heading down, looking for a lift at the mo.


Tim and I are planning on joining this meet. Two places available in our car leaving from Finsbury Park Friday after work. Getting back to London Sunday evening.


Space for one tent please, Friday & Saturday. We’re planning to stay the following week.


I’m in, but I need to confirm whether I will have my car…


Me and @mhobby1979 are keen - we’re driving from York so won’t need a lift but we’re a campervan @khalidqasrawi we can book ourselves if you’ve already done the tent spots! Just let me know! :slight_smile:


Space for my tent too please. Also, I will have the car. Leaving from west London somewhere (exact rendezvous spot TBC) on Friday afternoon, returning Sunday evening.


I’m in. Need a lift (ideally from N London).


It’s looking good!


Hello everyone! Has someone sorted cars by any chance? @khalidqasrawi


I’ll look at the car situation probably after this evening. Looks like there’s plenty. :smile:


If anybody fancies it/, @Tutu and myself will be breaking up the drive and extending the weekend by going to Portland late Thursday, climbing there on Friday, and then rendezvousing at the campsite in Treen on Friday evening.

Unfortunately I only have two seats in my car, so can’t offer lifts, but would be cool to see others on the south coast, if transport permits.


Will be joining the fun! Looking for a Friday lift.


I’m sorting out who’s riding with who today. From London, there are 7 people needing a space and 20 spaces in cars so I will be able to drop a couple of cars from the list. If you see any errors below, let me know. I’ll send out the “final” picture this evening.

The following people need lifts. Let us know if you have any travel requirements and where you are near tomorrow afternoon.
@Lukas & Rebecca

We have the following cars going:-
@g_e_howell, Cambridge, staying the week
I’ve not booked you in for the week but am reserving you a space in our area.

@PaulSagar, going to Portland this evening. Car full.

@khalidqasrawi, North London 3 spaces, after work

@toby, west London, Friday afternoon, space for 3?

@dabarlow, Friday afternoon, BBQ, 3 spaces, Enfield

@Peter, Oakwood, 3 spaces

@guyarnold, 3 spaces (2 small), Shoreditch

@Manchi, Finsbury Park, 2 spaces after work

@jo_keogh, coming from York, your van is reserved


@hughmerritt is in my car.


I’m based in Bethnal Green, ideally leaving Friday afternoon and returning Sunday evening.

Perhaps it makes sense for me to grab a spot in @guyarnold 's car (per usual)? Let me know!


Based near Finsbury park, hoping to leave earlier on the Friday. Would potentially be up for staying on a bit longer…


Yes of course. Although if it were possible for mine to be one of the cars that could be struck off the list I would be v grateful, as getting west from shoreditch after work is a total bastard