Cornwall Solstice Meet 2019 - 22/23rd June

It’s almost time for one of the highlights of the meets calendar - The Cornwall Summer Solstice Meet!


This one’s quite special - aside from the excellent climbing, on the Saturday everyone heads down to Porthcurno beach for a barbecue.

The club brings the apparatus and the charcoal, the members bring the ingredients and its always excellent fun. Suggest organising provisions with your driver.


We stay at Treen farm campsite ( where I have booked our usual area. The campsite only takes cash so please bring that and I will collect it from everyone on Saturday morning. It’s in a pretty idyllic spot and we’re lucky they let us nab the same spot every year given they don’t take reservations normally, so please be nice etc.

There’s a small shop at the campsite which serves pasties and coffee (and guidebooks).


For the uninitiated Cornwall is home to some of the UK’s finest climbing. Granite sea cliffs and outcrops like Bosigran, Chair Ladder and Sennen offer some excellent climbing in spectacular situations. Single-pitch and multipitch, there’s lots for all levels, all grades. A number of venues (e.g. bosigran) don’t require abseil descents and are easily escapable, which reduces seriousness compared to e.g. Pembroke.

That said, if you’re unsure if you’ve got the skillset just drop me a message and happy to discuss.

Sign-up sheet

Is here:

Please fill in asap so I can give the campsite an idea of numbers! I will organise lifts based on the sheet.




So who’s up for some serious fun?


I bet Paul Sagar couldn’t possibly refuse that offer

Excellent work @guyarnold

@MattGee, I only jam my hands and feet, not my entire being. Also we climbed an offwidth GROOVE in Scotland and it was horrid.

Up for it if I can climb at all by then :confused:
Will think finger healing thoughts…

Count me in please!

I am game!

I haven’t done any trad yet and can’t abseil either.
Would any kind soul be up for putting up with me and showing me the ropes?
I’m keen to go, but I’m a complete newbie and don’t want to be a drag on anyone.

If I can get enough work done in time, I would be super up for going! I am also still very much a newbie with trad - was fine belaying Holly in Wales, but also haven’t abseiled down anything yet.

@LIon @dlsmartins Bosigran in particular has a lot of easier grade climbing that requires no abseils to access nor exit from and is not affected by tides. So does Sennen but the style there is a bit shorter and 'arder (and in high tides much of it can be affected).

Hi folks, sorry to miss one more highlight of this year’s calendar. Hopefully things will quiet down towards the end of the summer and allow me a bit more time for climbing. Have a great time everyone!

We miss you Pauline!

22 people coming already! Excellent - keep signing up.

I will sort lifts early next week.

Also interested in easier trad leading or happy to second harder stuff with an abseil in.

Which guidebook would you recommend, the North or South coast climbers club ones?

@Mark_W those are the definitive guides and thus, er, most definitive, but for a weekend trip the Rockfax South West Climbs is enough, as is the relevant volume of the Climber’s Club selective that goes by the same name.

Cheers Paul, I was trying to work out which out of the two definitive ones covered the areas we might be going to. Matt mentioned an area from the North guide.

I’ve already got the separate South Devon and Dartmoor ones from last year, looks to be a fair cross over with the South West Climbs

Hi Mark - you’d need both definitive ones to be one the safe side depending how self sufficient you are with transport (Bosigran is North, Chair Ladder south e.g. - both popular venues). But as Paul said I’d just get a selective (climbers club also do a selective guide though can’t vouch for it’s quality).

That said there will definitely be guidebooks around to borrow.


Also digital rockfax is free during June… so that’s selective covered already.


I’m definitely up for it! Highlight of the NLMC year. Leaving North London on Friday - ideally leaving in the morning so as to grab an afternoon climbing. I’ll be in my van and have room for another 2 people

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@guyarnold do you have a space?