Cornwall solstice meet - 18/19th June

The longest day will soon be upon us. Tradition dictates that NLMC members must therefore travel halfway across the country to climb on the glorious granite and killas of Cornwall. The plan is to drive down on Friday night, stay in the Treen farm campsite and climb on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be the usual barbecue on Porthcurno beach on Saturday night.

I know it is more than a week away but it would be helpful to know rough numbers so we can let the camp site know what to expect. Can you please respond to this thread if you plan to come? Please also let us know if you have a car and are willing to drive.

Ali and I will be there if the weather is nice. Happy to bring some homebrew to help with the BBQ fun if people will actually drink it - last year involved far too much lugging back home full crates of beer for my liking…

Hi. I will definitely go. Just I’m looking for a lift for this trip.

I will hopefully be coming down with Stel, Rudi and Leithen, but not 100% yet… we’d be coming from Stroud and would have a full van if everyone came.

Pagan wedding to attend on the 21st, there for three days - I think Cornwall will be a Brit too far.
I’ll make it one year!

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I will be driving. I plan to bring a few UCL people with me. Will know nearer the time if I have any spaces.

Keen to come along too.

I return from working abroad on Friday lunchtime and all being well can drive down on Friday night. I have a couple of spaces in the car; potentially might stay until Monday if the weather is fine and dandy?

Swimming costume has already been packed! Looking forwards to it.

I’m coming with the club bbq, but Rachel can’t come.

Is the campsite booked yet?

I am planning on driving, I currently have 3 spaces in my car going from north london.

Hey guys this sounds awesome. Is there any space left in someone’s car? Thanks!

I have space and I’m also driving from north London, but I’m wondering if both Simon and I need to drive? What’s the forecast for Cornwall this weekend?

It is always wonderfully sunny for the annual bbq meet!

I also will have space…

What normally happens is that willing passengers come out of the woodwork once they know that the weather is going to be OK. I suggest we wait until Wednesday and then we can work our who needs to drive.

The forecast currently looks encouraging.

(Naomi and I will also have space)

I’ve just called to book the campsite and they actually answered the phone for the first time in 2 years of trying! We’re in.

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I’ll be leaving from my office which is based in Osterley on Friday, so I
think we should be good.
Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

The weekend weather forecast looks just cloudy atm. This might change of

Looking fwd to get acquainted to seeing you all and get acquainted with the
Cornwall crags.


Hi all I would love to join if there’s any space available? Let me know!

Won’t be abe to make the solstice meet now, too much on. Will be up at the Cottage the next weekend so maybe see some of you then. Have a good one!

Thanks Tom! Great news on the forecast.

I’ll keep my eye on the chat group. Contact number is 07980884598, just in case. I’m happy to drive, but obviously if I can get a lift, also cool with that. I touch down from Greece into Gatwick around lunchtime on the Friday.

Hope all is well in the city.