Cornwall Meet Sign-up

The Cornwall meet is still scheduled for the last weekend of June (26th-27th), though unfortunately I’ve been unable to reprise our previous agreement with Treen Farm Campsite. Accordingly I’m looking to book somewhere else, nearby, in advance. To do this, an idea of numbers would really help.

Accordingly, all hail the return of the NLMC Spreadsheet!

At the very least, please say if you need a lift or can take others if you’re driving. Further details optional, but useful.

Something to think about:

The BBQ currently lives in my garage, however when we have the van set up for sleeping we can’t also fit the BBQ in (and this is a problem, as Jess and I are planning to have a holiday in the SW for the week before the meet).

So if we want to have the BBQ on the beach (or somewhere) option, somebody needs to get the BBQ from me, and have it in their car…

@Peter might you be able to do this? I seem to remember you have quite a big boot on your vehicle?!

Alternatively, @jrtomlins ?

I should be able to Paul; it would have to remain in my car between collecting & returning to yours, as I don’t have a anywhere else to store it. I assume that

I’d just have to reduce the number of passengers, so that the back seat can be used for luggage.

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Cheers Peter - that makes sense, though let’s prioritise humans over the BBQ if we are short on car spaces!

remember if you do have the bbq (hope so) I’m very happy to donate a couple of sacks of my coppice charcoal for the meet, pick up on the way down, sadly don’t think I’ll be able to make Treen :frowning:

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After discussing with David, I should still be able to accommodate 2 passengers and their luggage in addition to the BBQ.

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Do you always consult with David regarding what you can fit into you boot???

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Glad to see that you haven’t lost your sens of humour Hugh😊. I couldn’t remember how big the bbq was. However, I have just purchased a Skoda, a bit like David’s😊

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Thanks Chiz - unfortunately Treen is off the cards anyway this year! But if you can make it down we’d all love to see you.

OK we are booked in to Tower Park Caravans and Campsite!

The group booking is from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th. We get a discount rate of £6 per night, per person. All money to be given to me, as I will pay the campsite as the sole contact point/organiser.

For track and trace purposes, they need contact numbers for everyone staying so please add your mobile number to the new column on the spreadsheet

Still not sure what we will do about the BBQ on the Beach, as this is a bit too far to walk! Do they do Uber in Cornwall yet?

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Persuade a few people not to drink and run a shuttle service? Also there’s no charge for Porthcurno car park from 6pm to 8am, so you could prob get away with sleeping in your van there (Porthcurno, TR19 6JX - Cornwall Council)

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Good luck asking people not to drink.

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hi guys, looking to sign up but need a lift, any space? Also are we an even numbers for climbing teams? or would i be a spare wheel :wink:

Mr Martin you shall never go spare! Sign up and I’m sure we can get you a lift. Jess and I are going down for a week so if we’re not even numbers you can gladly climb with us. We’ll sort it - sign up!

Brilliant!! Looking forward to it! :grin:

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I don’t drink so can take 3 people to porthcorno

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Well the campsite allows BBQs so I’m going to suggest that we just do the BBQ at the campsite this year? Hopefully next year we can go back to doing it on the beach!

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Do they have a quiet time cur-off though? Our BBQs often continue into the early hours and it would be a shame if we have to curtail it at (say) a typical 22:00 campsite quiet time.

On the President’s behalf (we’re currently driving home from Portland):
I suggest we just start the BBQ earlier this year (because the cut off is at 10pm) as I don’t know where else we could do it.