Climbing wknd 25th/ 26th

Hi y’all. Jan and I chatting and would like to climb this weekend. However we are without car! Anyone else interested? Would love north wales, but ultimately flexible.

Could do this weekend (18/19) but not 25/26.

Hi Alison, you guys are welcome but unfortunately I have a party on Saturday. 25th better for me.

I didn’t explain myself prpperly. I’m driving up that way this weekend anyway to go to the clubs seminar so if anyone wants a lift that’s fine. I’d enjoy the company and it will help with the costs.

I have a weekend off the 25th/26th and keen to get out, either to cottage or peak or wherever, won’t have the dog, will have the van…but driving from Stroud, Gloucestershire

If you would like a Beacon session this weekend I’m rather keen as involved in a climbing comp aggregate there which finishes soon :wink:

Thanks so much guys. Not sure how to get to Stroud Chiz! We got a third too. The illustrious David Adler! So we just need a superhero to join with a car!

Hi all. I’ve ben keeping a beady eye on this chat as I hope to take two friends to the hut tonight. Both are prepared to climb something on Saturday but then we’ll head home after.

We’ll be driving over from Warrington so I can’t really offer lifts until you guys get here.

I hope you guys can make it!


Hi @rachelb - @bullopollis is looking for a lift next weekend not today. I
might see you there later tho - where are you thinking of climbing? Liz


Erm, I’ve not had chance to look at the guidebooks yet, but as its my first trad in a while I would be looking for some nice HVDs and Ss.

My friend Ry is a 7c climber indoors but I don’t know what he’s like with trad. Dom is a very lovable chap but I don’t think he’s climbed for a bit.

Essentially if you have a nice suggestion I’m all ears.

I’m interested in joining you and I have a car. When are you wanting to leave London for t’north?

If you havent climbed in a while and are not sure about your climbing partner a good place to start is Milestone Buttress. Rowan Route and Pulpit Route are good warmups with the option to brush up on abseiling skills too and Milestone Buttress itself is a classic HVD worth its stars.
Alternatively you could go to Idwal slabs but make sure you know the way off at the top as it isn’t obvious. I may miss you as my plans are a bit fluid at the moment but am expecting to be in the cottage Saturday night.

Sensible suggestions there @RachelB - it’s not the weather to climb too hard (i
tickle the bottom of e grades and 7s when going well) - otherwise holyhead
mountain might be ideal as single pitch and easy approach / descent and
easy routefinding and escapable - weather looks a bit damp tbh.

I could be tempted to holyhead but if I’ve a belayer i’m in a climbing comp
so would go do that … But probably see you later :slight_smile:


@RachelB in fact have you looked at weather? Peak is better :frowning: (I’ll still be going to N Wales so will see you there if I’m organised enough to go tonight!)

Hi @matthewtaylor - which weekend?!!! Bit confusing this!
Wet in N Wales this weekend.

@RachelB weather looking dodgy - Peak looks better for outdoors although I’ll still be going N Wales - see you later if I’m organised enough to go tonight (I’m only a couple of hours away).

Hi y’all . Super cheers matt. So if I got this down right @matthewtaylor @dadler @janderkran and me for next weekend 24th leavin London for sunny wales climbing…SWEEEEEET!!!

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I’ll be in Spain :frowning: Shucks! :wink:

A little late to this but I would be keen to join next weekend - although I guess that doesn’t help with numbers. Anyone else keen?

I’m going to be at the cottage from Fri evening and could possibly be persuaded to climb - as long as the sun shines!