Climbing wall reopening

Going to have to be quick if anyone wanted a Weds social at Mike End. Timed sessions, pre-booked, 50 capacity.

Meanwhile in SE London. The Reach has no booking systems and a capacity of 165. You can see how full they are using this live counter.

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Shall we aim for next Wednesday?

I’m going to the Castle bouldering on Saturday morning and Monday evening. They’ve just released the next booking slots.

What time are you going on Monday?

18:30 - 20:30, 3 Aug 2020

I’ll be around t’Castle on Monday as well. Leading with Christoff 6-8

I can’t next Weds (I dont think) but happy to aim for a particular Weds if that means there is more chance of seeing folk

Is it worth giving Mile End a call to see if they’ll give us a regular Weds night block booking? Don’t know how busy they will be once the initial mad rush calms down but would be good to be able to get a regular group there. 50 limit in the whole wall sounds great!


Yes please committee :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice one Hugh! Some good could come of this after all :joy:

Laura and I have booked for 7pm-9:30pm tomorrow at Mile End. Looks like quite a few places left, if anyone else wants to join. Palm Tree now open for after.

I’m booked in for a (probably fairly sweltering) 19:45-21:45 session at Mile End on Wednesday; some friendly faces would be nice if anyone’s around!

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If Mile End is booked out, CanaryWall has just opened up near Westferry DLR. (I work there on wednesdays so won’t be able to join you guys at ME!)

Pretty chilled numbers right now, and capacity is 40-45 with bookings every 15 mins from 4pm - 9pm, closing at 11pm.

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Is anyone going to Mile End this Wednesday 19th Aug? 19:45-21:45 has 47/65 spaces available

Anyone around at ME tonight, will be there for the 7:45 session and a pint at the Palm Tree after?

Hello, are people climbing at Castle or Stronghold? I’m looking for climbing buddies. I boulder up to v3/v4 and lead/ top rope up to 6b/6c. I can go weeknights from 6:30pm onwards or weekends.

I’m going bouldering at the Castle on Saturday (5th Sept) from 09:30.


Hi Connie, social night at the Castle is usually Mondays but obviously on a rather lower scale and informal basis at the moment (Mondays and Fridays do not incur a £4.50 surcharge for anyone with a Castle monthly or annual membership which probably means it will become difficult to book sessions!). I live close to the Stronghold and am sometimes there as well if you want to say hi.

Matt, thanks for your reply. Hope I can meet the group one of these Mondays or Fridays at Castle. I’ll be at Stronghold today at 2 pm.

@Connie I’m going bouldering tonight (Monday) at the Castle 18:00-20:00.